27 Photos - Jan 14, 2013
Photo: I love the sky. On our drive to Pittsburgh.Photo: Aren't those clouds amazing?Photo: Sunset on the drive.Photo: Watching the sun dip is incredible.Photo: And its gone.Photo: Pulling into Pittsburgh.Photo: After hours of walking, we found a place to eat.Photo: Sheer joy.Photo: Food! A group of teenagers like from Perks of Being a Wallflower recommended we go to Primanti Brothers. We wanted to ask them to hang out but thought it would be too creepy.Photo: On the bus to the church.Photo: Yayy!!!Photo: The old married couple.Photo: Was having trouble taking a picture of both of us so just went with this. Ha.Photo: Getting their caricature done. Turned out much better than ours!Photo: Getting a pretzel is serious business. Best cocktail food ever.Photo: One of the wedding cakes was... cats!Photo: With the gorgeous couple.Photo: The two brown people in our group of friends.Photo: Happy groom.Photo: I regret that I did not eat more desserts.Photo: Milkshake shots. Brilliant.Photo: At the Nationality Rooms pretending we are in school. I would have loved to have gone to grade school with Feraz. We would have had all the fun.Photo: Someone made a painting of our view of the Bosphorus in the Turkey room.Photo: Primanti Brothers = Happy Sumeera.Photo: Photo: Happy Feraz.Photo: Almost home! Last road trip for a while. :(