99 Photos - Aug 27, 2012
Photo: I am a sucker for bread in windows.Photo: I loved this morning. We just walked around town, popping in and out of shops. Sometimes it is the simple things!Photo: Liverpool game! Surrounded by West Brum fans. They figured out we were Liverpool fans in about five minutes.Photo: Feel free to quickly click past the next ten or so pictures.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Chariots of fire moment.Photo: My eyes look dead because I am coming to terms with the pain of being a Liverpool fan.Photo: Z-man. Portrait of a Liverpool fan.Photo: Amal in her new shirt that she put on right away! Good job picking presents Feraz and Fahad.Photo: Then she wanted me to take a picture of her "Bahbie dress" too. (I don't know how to write British accent but thats my guess.) That is baby Aminah next to her. All the girl cousins have matching nighties that they put on wherever they are at bed time!Photo: Iftaar. Photo 1 of many.Photo: Anam is taller than me now. What the heck!Photo: Amir Bhai. Happy to be where the food is.Photo: Bedtime stories! Love these books!Photo: Photo: I love this family picture.Photo: The generation that started it all.Photo: Birmingham iftaars. Yum.Photo: Then comes dinner.Photo: "Oooh, I did make some tasty food."Photo: Photo: Why does Anam look embarrassed? Is Amir Bhai doing an American accent?Photo: Two girls who don't want to go to bed.Photo: Photo: With dadi.Photo: Mancala! I played ruthlessly against a teenager. My life is sad.Photo: Abu with grandchildren behind him.Photo: Getting ready for Eid! The reinforcements have come in.Photo: Hours and hours of work. Cutting potatoes is an art and a science.Photo: See how evenly they are cut? Beautiful.Photo: Kids room.Photo: Photo: Wrestling is a must. Z is not intervening.Photo: Z continues to take it in stride.Photo: Photo: Photo: One last iftaar.Photo: Looking at these pictures makes me want to go back to Birmingham immediately.Photo: Eiddy.Photo: I love the colors.Photo: Time for Eid salat!Photo: Second try.Photo: Photo: I always feel awkward in alone pictures so I just do thumbs up. Because that is not awkward. Please offer new suggestions on how to look cooler.Photo: We remembered to get a picture together for once!Photo: Post Eid salat. We are less happy because we didn't like the khutbah. Haha.Photo: Let the Eid food fest begin!Photo: I'm a ladoo. You're a ladoo. We are all ladoos.Photo: Mithai.Photo: That food doesn't come from no where. Some hard working ladies!Photo: Victoria cake.Photo: Uh-oh.Photo: Oh, dear.Photo: Some of the spread.Photo: Nom nom nom.Photo: "Please. Enough photos."Photo: "Didn't you hear Simon?"Photo: "Let me touch your face."Photo: "Look how cute I am. Wouldn't you let me touch your face?"Photo: Wii robot.Photo: Adorable.Photo: It takes many tries to get a shot of two boys who would rather be playing basketball.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Good enough.Photo: Boys get older. Doesn't get any easier to get the shot.Photo: Good enough. I see someone else has the thumb problem.Photo: Love this mom and son photo.Photo: Sisters and great providers of feasts.Photo: Food comas.Photo: Simon pretending to be nice.Photo: Mother and daughter.Photo: Ashraf cheeks. Scientists should study them.Photo: Love these girls. Took such good care of me after Feraz left!Photo: I have no idea what yielded such different reactions.  Maybe I said this was going to be the last picture I would take?Photo: I think an intervention may be necessary.Photo: Adam: I'm fiiiiiine.
Huma: No, he's not.Photo: Family discussion about Adam's problem.Photo: This is how Muslims do toasts on Eid.Photo: Three best friends.Photo: Eid dinner at Amir Bhai's parents.Photo: Imran is going to kill you. Saad approves.Photo: Goodbye hug.Photo: If you invite us to your town during Ramadan, you can have a shot of winning the Iftaari Olympics. Dream big.Photo: Eating as much as they can before they have to leave Birmingham.Photo: Spending the day at a fire station turned apartment with great, great people. Alhumduhlillah!Photo: Gorgeous doors leading to pool room. A dream room!Photo: Another great door.Photo: Photo: Bushra telling the story of how she met Imran. (While bringing out a tray of chai. :)) Until next time, Birmingham. We love and miss you so much!