50 Photos - Aug 15, 2012
Photo: the river thames on our way to greenwich. a bit rainy but it was ok!Photo: the start of feraz and zeeshan's photo shoot.Photo: had to cut feraz out of this one.Photo: still normal.Photo: starting to get a bit strange.Photo: zeeshan is getting excited.Photo: who knows what is going on?Photo: zeeshan is trying to get feraz to hold hands.Photo: zeeshan coaching feraz on what to do.Photo: beautiful.Photo: I have never seen a couple look so happy together.Photo: not sure what this is but saw other people snapping pictures.Photo: Greenwich.Photo: Greggs in Greenwich.Photo: Cutty SarkPhoto: Feraz and Zeeshan looking at Safa's present. (4 t-shirts in 1)Photo: still trying to figure it out.Photo: On the way back to London.Photo: olympic pride.Photo: approaching the tower bridge.Photo: here she comes.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: zeeshan leaving unknowingly into the work black hole.Photo: papparazzi.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: feraz's friend took us to this great little indian tapas place.Photo: reunited with phil!Photo: phil looking like a right professional.Photo: Charmian and Steve.Photo: Photo: this was "typical indian street food."Photo: kadi pakora.Photo: at the comedy club.Photo: Reunited with my cousin Asad from Pakistan for the first time after seven years!Photo: Asad and Feraz meet for the first time.Photo: Feraz sizes up Asad.Photo: Three cool kids in their shades.Photo: Photo: Photo: K enjoying the park.Photo: Photo: Photo: with our flake cones.Photo: a picture of us finally!Photo: