62 Photos - Aug 11, 2012
Photo: Photo: For Hena.Photo: Feraz liked this.Photo: Photo: Always styling.Photo: Blur 21. Regret not buying the poster.Photo: Banksy!Photo: Feraz's excited face.Photo: Modern life is rubbish.Photo: Shadows.Photo: Photo: Blur b&wPhoto: Photo: Feraz in Ramdan.Photo: So many people were taking pictures of this. So we did too. And I learned that New Order was Joy Division and Joy Division was the name of a nazi rape camp. Yikes.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Yes.Photo: First balti.Photo: Photo: Photo: Brick Lane musjid.Photo: Mithai from Brick Lane.Photo: Photo: Photo: Self portrait.Photo: My only picture from Chariots of Fire.Photo: My only picture from Chariots of Fire.Photo: For Feraz.Photo: Photo: Reunited and it feels so good!Photo: Photo: I love my mommy.Photo: Deciding whether to laugh or cry.Photo: Abu cheeks.Photo: Oh!Photo: Worried.Photo: A laugh!!Photo: Photo: Photo: Eating mommy.Photo: Photo: Photo: Inaya baking some muffins.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: All ready!Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Inaya with the dress Feraz mamoo picked out.Photo: Fish and chips!Photo: Our great hosts!Photo: Focused!Photo: Visuals.Photo: Love this guy.Photo: Photo: Photo: