15 Photos - Jun 1, 2013
Photo: Hobbit Scope - 12.5" f/2.8Photo: Photo: Here's the back side view. The trusses are 2' OD and provide a high degree of stiffness.Photo: Better view of the secondary cage.Photo: Me next to the Hobbit Scope 12.5" f/2.8.
The large refractor behind is Alan Ward's stunning home made 6" f/15 triplet.Photo: This is the photo that gave Roger the idea to name it the Hobbit Scope. The eyepiece height is an amazing 33".Photo: Truss tubes tightened laterally into 9" long wedges that keeps them perfectly aligned and making it simple and fast to install the trusses.Photo: with mirror bafflePhoto: Finished mirror as tested at the 70 using the digital mask. Notice the deep shadows cresting at the 70% zone precisely.Photo: Here's the best photo showing the deep sagitta. Polishing was done using an 8" tool. The mirror was completely polished and figured on machine.Photo: Stage 1 Figuring using a sub-diameter tool to push the center down and form that parbolic shape we all seek.Photo: The whole scope in a tidy little package. The secondary cage fits inside the mirror box.Photo: Here's the original 12.5" f/5.2. It's a beautiful scope to use with smooth motions and quick to dampen out.Photo: Hobbit looking through his scope...Photo: