92 Photos - Sep 10, 2010
Photo: Rehearsing song before recording. yellow Arch Recording studio Sheffield.Photo: Photo shoot Magna Steelworks SheffieldPhoto: Egypt (Well i suppose that's obvious)Photo: View from the stage of John and the crowd at Sheffield City HallPhoto: JR on stage in Cornwall wearing his favourite hat which was stolen 3 days later!Photo: Profile livePhoto: Having a quick slurp and a word with the audiencePhoto: Leaps like a salmonPhoto: John Reilly Leicester Square Theatre LondonPhoto: John ReillyPhoto: JR in his "Doghouse" which is his den, haven and a place to write.Photo: Acoustic set Sheffield City HallPhoto: Dressing room Albeert HallPhoto: Recording - Axis SheffieldPhoto: Recording @Axis SheffieldPhoto: John and Lewis NitikmanPhoto: John & Lewis Nitikman dressing room Sheffield City HallPhoto: Theatre Birmingham opening up for Ray DaviesPhoto: Pre gig Albert HallPhoto: Pre gig nerves Albert Hall LondonPhoto: John & FrankPhoto: John reading Mojo in GreecePhoto: Headache!!!!Photo: John at homePhoto: John's photo shoot at Magna SteelworksPhoto: Happy!Photo: Less happyPhoto: In front of the projector with John's iTunes listPhoto: Pre production can be boringPhoto: Lively debate in the studioPhoto: Axis recording studio sheffieldPhoto: Backstage Albert Hall with guitar tech Ade HardyPhoto: Boy on a Dolphin in front of the ill fated Tinsley towersPhoto: Live @ The BoardwalkPhoto: Live @The BoardwalkPhoto: Live @ The BoardwalkPhoto: Sheffield City HallPhoto: John's Mum is brought on stage at Sheffield City hall!!Photo: Crucible TheatrePhoto: Playing in front of the projector outside villa in RhodesPhoto: RhodesPhoto: John's iPod menu is projected on him and the screen at Kipselli Villa in RhodesPhoto: View from the stagePhoto: Slightly forlorn?Photo: Beach MajorcaPhoto: On stage with Boy on a DolphinPhoto: Sheffield City HallPhoto: Acoustic setPhoto: With Stannington Brass BandPhoto: Moody moment sheffield City HallPhoto: John and Lewis NitikmanPhoto: John and a GoosePhoto: John and Lewis Nitikman Live @The Duchess in YorkPhoto: "and when we touch!"Photo: Sheffield City HallPhoto: Reilly (His best side?)Photo: Live in SheffieldPhoto: Crowd/band/lightsPhoto: Boy on a Dolphin with The Beighton hornsPhoto: "YES YOU!!!!"Photo: On a missionPhoto: Civic TheatrePhoto: Deep and Blue release concert at THE HUBSPhoto: Reilly phones his Mum from the stagePhoto: Joined by Cary Baylis on guitar for a songPhoto: Remember!Photo: Alone for a songPhoto: "Let me tell you a story"Photo: Artwork front and back for ZEBULON the new JOHN REILLY album.Photo: JR in his 'Doghouse'Photo: JR holding Bob Dylan biography in the 'Doghouse'Photo: JR in front of one of his sunshine pictures in the 'Doghouse'Photo: Reilly with Gibson Les Paul Live @ The PlugPhoto: Reilly with Taylor Acoustic Live @The PlugPhoto: Talking to the audience Live @ 'The Devil's arse' (Peak Cavern)Photo: Giving it some at a festivalPhoto: Reilly with Fender Telecaster American De Lux Live @ The Devil's ArsePhoto: Reilly with Gibson Les Paul live @ The PlugPhoto: Pic with name on guitar strap. A present from friendsPhoto: Wow what a venue Peak Cavern, Castelton known as 'THE DEVIL'S ARSE'Photo: A moments calm @ Memorial HallPhoto: Reilly welcoming the crowd to The Devil's ArsePhoto: John Reilly band Devils ArsePhoto: Spotlight Sheffield City HallPhoto: Fairytale of New York, John Reilly & Miss Lindsay DracassPhoto: B/W with Guitar strap with REILLY on it. A gift from Tom Giblin & Colin WilderPhoto: Coming to the end of the showPhoto: Reilly with Gibson Les Paul @ The PlugPhoto: Clap your hands!Photo: Reilly with Fender Telecaster American De Lux Live @ The Devil's Arse. Lewis Nitikman in the backgroundPhoto: REILLY Smiling while playing in a Huge cave! THE DEVILS ARSEPhoto: 'I SURRENDER"