40 Photos - Feb 23, 2011
Photo: Ruslander Knives Logo.Photo: Ruslander KnivesPhoto: Artsy ShotPhoto: Latest Completed Bowie Knife.Photo: Blade 9 1/2", overall length 14 1/4". Blade 440C stainless steel, Guard pieces and handle nut nickel silver. Handle Cocobolo Wood.Photo: Ivory inlay. (handle detail).Photo: Bowie Knife.Photo: Neptune.Photo: Crossguard detail of Neptune.Photo: Elfin Dagger.Photo: Handle Detail of Elfin Dagger.Photo: Handle Detail of Elfin Dagger.Photo: Pioneer.Photo: Handle Detail of Pioneer.Photo: Paleolithic.Photo: Paleolithic on stand.Photo: Spanish Bowie.Photo: King Tut.Photo: King Tut in scabbard.Photo: Detail of King Tut Handle.Photo: Eagle.Photo: Stealth.Photo: Stealth w. Sheath.Photo: Lil Fighter with Mosaic Pins.Photo: Fossilized Ivory Handled Skinner.Photo: American Tanto.Photo: American Tanto.Photo: Little Bowie.Photo: Cigar Knife.Photo: Japanese Style Knife.Photo: Little Hunter.Photo: Early Knives, Group Shot.Photo: Early Hunting Knife.Photo: Second Handmade Knife.Photo: Fancy Filework.Photo: Me at the bench.Photo: The Maker.Photo: Photo: HomepagePhoto: Dagger Design