108 Photos - Sep 27, 2014
Photo: The house at Steve's address in Croton-on-HudsonPhoto: Steve lives in the "rear cottage"  That's my car in front of his garage.Photo: Between his cottage and the garage is a lovely shaded garden with a barbecue built into the hill.  Until a year ago, there were two trees.  One got ill.Photo: Steve welcomes me into his lovely home. He's a little on edge, due to stresses having nothing to do with us nor his house nor my arrival.  A candid shot, you dig?  This is one intrepid soul!Photo: Steve plays keyboards. I am versed in a dozen types of music, but Steve mostly loves SOUL and he's astonishingly well-versed.  My Soul guru. We used to be members of the "Cool Jerks", a soul cover band. Those were the days.  John Peden, Peter Roaman, Darryl and the rest, I salute you!  Jerks Forever, Forever Jerks. And the robot salutes too.Photo: A discriminating collector of artifacts and ephemera, he also knows what time it is..Photo: Steve, passing his car on the way to the laundry room in the front building.Photo: Croton is a peaceful little townPhoto: It has giant trees and also a Chinese restaurant.Photo: Steve takes me to the Hudson River park in Croton, and we take a walk in the sunPhoto: We're not much for fancy portraits...Photo: Roll on, mighty HudsonPhoto: He takes me to the Gorge, to the dam for the reservoir, built 1892 to 1906.  It's a park now.Photo: With some wonderful viewsPhoto: We didn't have time to go around and walk across this bridge, but we could have, and someday we shallPhoto: Nice picnic spotPhoto: It's loud tooPhoto: Ingenious dam, ingenious bridgePhoto: The stoneworkers built houses nearby, with leftover stone. It was quite a project. Above the dam is the reservoir, covering 20 square miles, formerly home to 6 cemetaries and 400 farms. In-fuggin-credible.Photo: Deer abound.Photo: You can see the Hudson from many parts of town.Photo: I take a walk in the neighborhood built by the stonemasons at the turn of the century. Most now look like mafia-type gated enclaves.Photo: Gates like thesePhoto: Long drivewaysPhoto: Stone mansions that are mysterious and beautifulPhoto: Billy Bass's cousin, Billy MailboxPhoto: Up Billy's driveway, a long long driveway, to another enclave (with a great view)Photo: Recycling happens.Photo: This is all one address...as the trail sinks, way down at the end, there's a former stable...we glimpse the roofline in the distance herePhoto: A corner where the house is trangular, and the street touches it on both sides - no sidewalk.  This shot needed a wide-angle lensPhoto: I guess one burned down, or fell apartPhoto: With its back sloping down to the Hudson, this was quite an estatePhoto: I enjoyed the wabi-sabi of this electric pole. In Vermont, you never see this - guess they're too practical up there - or not busy with more important things.  I love this.Photo: Well, they took a tree out, but they couldn't get this one part free of the wire,Photo: so they decided to cut it and leave it hangingPhoto: Interesting formation - tree stumps naturally arranged as a table with chairs.  May it be well used.Photo: The cute traffic island in Croton, at a main intersection. We pass it on the way to the train station, and off I go into the city for 4 days, with just a bagful of clothes, toiletries, and my camera.Photo: on the way to the city.Photo: Times Square...Photo: is now a pedestrian Mall...Photo: and the tall tall buildings...only one of which is oldPhoto: constantly cycling giant advertisements for your subconscious pleasure...Photo: at different rates of speed...Photo: you lookin at me?Photo: the old...sigh...do people live here?Photo: Caren gets ready for photo in back of breakfast restaurantPhoto: Ready!Photo: The entrance to Fran'sPhoto: cleverly disguised as a photo, Fran (who loves her picture taken, right?) is probably saying something about not taking a picture of her oven mitts...Photo: out her window, at where I used to live across 7th streetPhoto: I find a seat at Cooper Union, looking northeast from 3rd Ave. and Astor PlacePhoto: St. Marks Place, building still there - wonder what life is like for the residents?  Love the bar that says "5 shots of anything $10"Photo: a bit more perspective...Cooper Square...busy.Photo: pastry case at Rocco's, Bleecker Street just west of 6th AvePhoto: a haven...Photo: happy birthday...Photo: have a cookie?Photo: view from a cappucinoPhoto: Brooklyn!  Love that top floor...Photo: a nice place to livePhoto: Des, TCB drivingPhoto: on the way to the bridgePhoto: one heck of a Metropolitan Bank tower, eh?Photo: who needs a caption?Photo: Ummm...Photo: says it allPhoto: there it is - Manhattan Bridge, built 1909Photo: Brooklyn Bridge! 1883.  Before these, there were 200 ferries going back and forth everyday...Photo: now that's twistedPhoto: where I used to live when I got married in 1968, and on the other side of Houston it's called Avenue B.Photo: where did the Puerto Ricans go though?Photo: Still here...but a baloney sandwich costs $10 now!Photo: Foist and Foist.  Bocce, anyone?Photo: Where CBGBs used to be...and Des.  We're waiting to meet David Godlis, chronicler of the good old days - late 1970s right here on the BoweryPhoto: Inside!  Old posters, graffiti, and gold records from who knows wherePhoto: yers truly.  Rock of Ages is a granite quarry in Barre, VT.  If you have a headstone it'll probably come from there.  Got this shirt at their gift shop a few years back.  T-shirts at J. Varvatos, by the way, cost $178 each.  Bulletproof?  Didn't say...Photo: when you're smiling...?Photo: David calls me on cell phone.  "I've been waiting 15 minutes!"  "So have we!"  "I'm at the coffee place across the street!"  "We'll be right over!"Photo: Ah, here we are...Photo: There he is!  My man, the outstanding, intrepid, clever and inimitable Godlis.  He's especially cheerful cause his book of photos of the old days just got Kickstarted with a giant boot. He asked for $30,000 in 40 days.  Attained the amount in 5 days, and in 40 days had $130,000.  Hope the book is bigger, and he has enough left for another!  Love this guy.Photo: looking east at the wonderfully diverse skyline.  Love the water towers!Photo: My room at the Hotel Larchmont on West 11th, near 5th Avenue.  Total: $106.Photo: where I was standing when I took the last one!Photo: straight across the street.Photo: down at the streetPhoto: without all the zoomPhoto: on the way to 14th Street - School of Visual Arts, I think...Photo: if this isn't arty, what is?Photo: lovely 14th Street at nightPhoto: with a full moon!Photo: I find a shoe store, and buy shoesPhoto: the shoe storePhoto: guy on left in plaid shirt sold me my new DCsPhoto: it ain't Vermont in here...Photo: my new shoePhoto: The next day, I finally get my camera out once I'm on the train, headed back up the Hudson to Steve'sPhoto: passing the Bronx?Photo: nice neighborhood...Photo: I'd bet anything people have grown up here and never gone elsewhere.  Such is life.Photo: couple housing developments by the river, eh?Photo: High Bridge, actually predates the Brooklyn Bridge!  Crosses the Harlem River...the tower used to help control the flow of water from the Croton Reservoir.  It's being repaired.Photo: some nice views from this hive...Photo: Dutch for "In spite of the Devil".  It was named after a tricky crossing between Manhattan and the Bronx - but the Army Corps of Engineers fixed that in 1895, straightened it the F out...Photo: he's holding the pole up, of coursePhoto: which one is the acorn under?Photo: a lovely railroad community - Yonkers, I believePhoto: the Palisades of New Jersey, with a bit of a rockslidePhoto: Hail the mighty Hudson.  And that is IT.