42 Photos - Jun 16, 2013
Photo: Forward lounge MS SuperstarPhoto: Tallinn on a grey dayPhoto: Tallinn grey day 2Photo: Tallinn City wall with towerPhoto: Tallinn old Merchant buildingsPhoto: Central market - Old TallinnPhoto: One of many life size doll pointing to shop entrancesPhoto: Part of original old city wall TallinnPhoto: Carved door - from c1660Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Rural Estonia - WaterfallPhoto: Kasmu area - boulders dropped by glacierPhoto: Lahemaa National Park Estonia - treacherous bog area from LookoutPhoto: Degaussing station for Soviet spy submarines in EstoniaPhoto: village of Kasmu, estonia "The Captain's Village"Photo: Rural dinning at Maritime Museum at Kasmu  villagePhoto: Baltic Sea near  Kasmu. Low salt so reeds grow into the seaPhoto: Manor House in Lahemaa National Park (now state owned)Photo: Our Hotel at 14 Nunne st, TallinnPhoto: Very small hydro-electric plant near waterfallPhoto: Russian bar  and restaurant at Paldiski once a restricted area with a base for nuclear submarines and missile launching sitesPhoto: Limestone cliffs on Estonian west coastPhoto: Wildflowers on Estonian west coastPhoto: Russian Orthodox Church in old Town, TallinnPhoto: Another kniitted Estonian enticerPhoto: View from old city  wallPhoto: Looking down at our hotel with city wall at towers in backgroundPhoto: From city wall - towers, Lutheran spire (left) and Orthodox domePhoto: Weather Vane - TallinnPhoto: Another entiicerPhoto: And one more entierPhoto: Not very enticing - this onePhoto: Vija sucessfully competes with enticerPhoto: Mechant house with three upper storage areas (awaiiting restoration)Photo: Old City gateway behind our hotelPhoto: Side view of gateway, wall and towersPhoto: Estonian Parliament House in old townPhoto: 1920s Highrise building in old city TallinnPhoto: Another waterfall in Estonia (all two now shown)Photo: Remnants of Cistercian Monastry , West Coast, Estonia