141 Photos - Jun 12, 2012
Photo: The afternoon sun coming down on the beachPhoto: That's Dad and IPhoto: Photo: Photo: devon's bar, so the tent became namedPhoto: our daily hang outPhoto: Photo: mom's thumbPhoto: Little Adele eating animal crackers to her heart's contentPhoto: Photo: hayden on his birthdayPhoto: kites flyingPhoto: Andy sporting Mom's hatPhoto: He doesn't look too much like a ladyPhoto: the poles are readyPhoto: there's that hunk againPhoto: the lady annPhoto: Andy, Vanessa and IPhoto: Getting excited to start fishingPhoto: the left overs from the last tripPhoto: Our crewPhoto: Photo: The lighthousePhoto: Photo: Hayden, a new sixteen year oldPhoto: and now he's a cowboyPhoto: dad doing his stretchesPhoto: All the poles are lined up and readyPhoto: Adam is not. He did not take well to the seas initially.Photo: Stud AndyPhoto: the porpoises trying to steal the fish from our linesPhoto: i think this was andy's firstPhoto: drew wrangling a redPhoto: the beginnings of our lootPhoto: got one!Photo: i swear they just kept comingPhoto: adam feeling betterPhoto: dad on the linePhoto: poor guysPhoto: leland, the proud catcherPhoto: i swear the reeling was really hardPhoto: dad going for goldPhoto: moving to the big chestPhoto: vanessa got a good onePhoto: she did win the prize for biggest fish by the end of the dayPhoto: leland did notPhoto: andy just picked a big one up and pretended he caught itPhoto: though he did do pretty wellPhoto: stocking up on snapperPhoto: this guy is apparently good for chumPhoto: vanessa and leland and andyPhoto: just vanessa and lelandPhoto: hayden feeling up for some fishingPhoto: getting tipsPhoto: getting a good onePhoto: Photo: the king mackerel start coming inPhoto: adam is finally successfulPhoto: these ruby lips started to come cheap alsoPhoto: it looks like we're gonna need a bigger boatPhoto: tiny snapper!Photo: dad in his long hatPhoto: supporting vanessaPhoto: Photo: it's a biggenPhoto: adam didn't have good luck keeping them on the linePhoto: Photo: andy napping on the ride back. i only got this picture because i woke up from my nap temporarily.Photo: seeing if anything good is swimming around the rigsPhoto: bernie with our booty.Photo: those sad eyes and mouthsPhoto: Photo: Photo: that's a lot of fish to beholdPhoto: the finalePhoto: Photo: Photo: about three hundred pounds we were toldPhoto: Photo: Photo: i can't believe i held this with my bare handsPhoto: so slimyPhoto: Photo: Photo: and disgustingPhoto: the big winner.Photo: really vanessa caught the most fish, the biggest fish, and the most variety of fish.Photo: andy is just really good at holding them out so they look giantPhoto: Photo: see the differencePhoto: the little triggers have funny teethPhoto: Photo: Photo: leland has fish handsPhoto: tiny kids with a tiny dogPhoto: pelicans waiting for fish gutsPhoto: another group's catch. they went out for an overnight.Photo: the tiny dogPhoto: and caught a lot of stuffPhoto: andy fed themPhoto: so crazy to watch them eatPhoto: the double window in the cloudsPhoto: Photo: Photo: we had a full moonPhoto: andy wearing my shorts. i'm not sure what that says about either of us.Photo: ellis ready for the beach in her cardiganPhoto: care bear stare!Photo: the family has come together for the olympicsPhoto: crab racesPhoto: Photo: wheelbarrow racesPhoto: limboPhoto: they don't quite get itPhoto: Photo: Photo: getting ready for the next eventPhoto: you didn't know karaoke was part of the olympics, did you?Photo: oh sweet lucyPhoto: sack racesPhoto: ellis's turn at the mikePhoto: i could not resistPhoto: andy's first snow ballPhoto: mine too! (of the season.)Photo: beach through the porchPhoto: wedding handkerchiefsPhoto: mom and susannah, my youngest first cousinPhoto: we are indeed riding in the back of a truck to go get snow conesPhoto: ie. tongue colorersPhoto: hanging at the barPhoto: tiki lights and allPhoto: evening baggoPhoto: there's that lucy againPhoto: the results of two sewing machines and three aunts and a motherPhoto: pile of pennantsPhoto: fort gainesPhoto: the outer wallPhoto: andy taking stupid pictures of me in my backwards hatPhoto: mobile museum of artPhoto: Photo: oh flying home