52 Photos - Jul 8, 2014
Photo: Google  Image of the top of Hubley Big Lake.
Sites A,B,C,D cited with pics. Visited on 7 July, 2014Photo: Cove at site A. Shoreline with Huckleberry, Sweet Gale, Bayberry,  Rhodora, Canada Holly, Mt. Holly.. Big Red maple in photo, some Black Spruce and Tamarack by shore; White Pine woods behind. To me this vegetation is magical, with beautiful textures and odours, then you go into the water to find more pleasures for the senses.Photo: Water Lobelia, Lobelia dortmanna,  at Site A, in flower. Also at this site: Swamp Candles, a Utricularia sp. with yellow flowers just beginning to open, a few plants of Pickerel Weed, and a species with straplike leaves, not flowering.Photo: Water Lobelia. The flowering stalks spring from small rosettes.Photo: The beautiful Virgina Chain Fern, Woodwardia virginica,  Site BPhoto: V. Chain FernPhoto: Yellow Pond Lily, Site B. (Also at site A but not flowering there)Photo: Leavse of Yellow Pond Lily (large) and Floating Heart, Nymphoides cordata, (smaller leaves) Site BPhoto: Floating Heart, site BPhoto: Pipewort, Eriocaulon aquaticum, site BPhoto: Common Waterweed, Elodea canadensis, Site C - the only one of the sites where aquatic plants were very dense and might be considered a nuisance.Photo: Common Waterweed,Photo: Heading for Home, site DPhoto: Bog Rosemary, Andomeda glaucophylla in fruit, site D, amongst Leatherleaf (Chamaedaphne calyculata) & Sweet gale (Myrica gale)Photo: Sun highlights the beautiful flowers of Lambkill (Sheep Laurel), Kalmia angustifolia onshore at site B. Present over much of the shoreline.Photo: July 22, 2014: Reference Map. I went down the east side of the lake, skirting Paradise Cove, thence along the south side and into Weaver's Rock Pond where the outflow goes into the "Lower Woodens". Major inflow from Five Island Lake at Three Brooks Cove (Pos K), another  from Birch Hill Lake, a headwater lake, at Pos. E.Photo: July 22nd, by launch site. Carex sp., poss. Vevv's Sedge, Carex bebbiiPhoto: July 22, by launch site. Glyceria sp. (grass) ~ G. canadensisPhoto: July 22, 2014. Position E. In cove close to launch site, aggregation of Common Waterweed. Refer to July 7th as well for aggregations on northern  shores of the lake.Photo: July 22. Zone algal scum on boulders.Photo: July 22. Most residences on the lake have retained largely natural landscapes by the shore.Photo: Position  F Typical rocky shoreline as I proceeded down east side of lake. July 22 (Refer to "Photo details" for GPS locations.)Photo: Tentative ID: Potamegton epihydrus.Photo: .July 22, Tentative ID:  Potamegeton confervoides.Photo: Position G. The common but ever-beautiful Pickerel Weed, Pontederia cordataPhoto: Pickerel Weed, July 22.Photo: ~ P. confervoidesPhoto: ~ P. confervoidesPhoto: Position H. Sandy shoreline along this shore on NE side of the lake. 'Uncertain whether it is natural or was formed by trucked in sand.Photo: Position K. July 22. Pickerel Weed by the shore.Photo: July 22. Position L.  Going down east side of lake, small cove just past last habitations.Photo: July 22, "Gunk" on bottom of small cove. See next photos for more details.Photo: More detailed image of "The Gunk". It appears to be composed of masses of an aquatic liverwort, Riccia fluitans, lower layers decomposing.Photo: ~Riccia fluitans, aquatic liverwort. July 22.Photo: July 22. Pos. L. Masses of this sp. by shoreline. (See subsequent photo.) Requires follow-up to IDPhoto: July 22. PipewortPhoto: Photo: July 22. Water Parsnip, Sium suavePhoto: July 22. Water ParsnipPhoto: July 22. Position M. Bouldery HeadlandPhoto: July 22. ~Potamageton confervoidesPhoto: July 22. Position N. Cove at bottom of Lake with striking stand of this rush, American Burreed, Sparganium americanumPhoto: Beaver LodgePhoto: July 22. American burreedPhoto: July 22, as I approach SW side of the Lake, Position O,  I start to see a lot of Royal fernPhoto: July 22. Yellow Pond Lily is well distributed around the lake.Photo: Entering cove, Position P,  that leads to the Lower Woodens River, a lot of Royal Fern, Osmunda regalis, also seen on lakes lower down the watershed. July 22Photo: Lovely "island" of Royal Fern. July 22Photo: Pipewort and Yellow Pond LilyPhoto: (Close to Position P) Tentative ID:  Sparagnium natansPhoto: Fresh water sponge is common on rocks in the shallow waters around the lake. July 22Photo: Swamp Candles or Yellow Loosestrife (Lysmachia terretris)  is common along the shoreline over much of the Lake- this was the first I had seen in flower, July 22.