23 Photos - Aug 8, 2013
Photo: On the east side of  East Pine Island PondPhoto: I went counter clockwise around East Pine Island Pond 
from Point A, then crossed to The Run at Point B and went 
upstream across two sets of rapids (C & D). 
Powers Pond empties into Herring Cove.Photo: Wetland on East Pine Island PondPhoto: Wetland on East Pine Island PondPhoto: Pitcher plants, sindews, ballfder worts and sphagnum mosses provide the colour.Photo: Sedge wetlandPhoto: Sedge (left), yellow water lily, leatherleaf at top of On East Pine Island PondPhoto: On East Pine Island PondPhoto: Worth a stopPhoto: to enjoy a cool woodlandPhoto: Mountain Holly by the waterPhoto: On The Run. Pickerel WeedPhoto: Pickerel Weed in full bloomPhoto: Pickerel WeedPhoto: Scented Pond LilyPhoto: Going upstream, rapids aheadPhoto: I was able to pick up my "boat" (inflatable kayak) and just walk up this set of rapids.Photo: More rapids to the right. Looked like a portage through the woods.Photo: The rapidsPhoto: Poison Ivy on The Portage.. I backed up, parked the kayak and walked up the lengthy rapidsPhoto: Parked!Photo: I can't describe how beautiful this is and the feel of water rushing by, just comfortable temperature.. 
and No Bugs (mid-summer minimum - they'll be back!) 
That's a red maple with Royal and Cinnamon ferns below; Canada Holly on the banks.Photo: Final Stop: spectacular Royal Fern island at the bottom of West Pine Island Pond