25 Photos - Aug 5, 2013
Photo: Jack Pine barrens - I call them gardens. They could be 1000s of years old!Photo: Photo: Broom Crowberry, an Atlantic Coastal Plain species threatened except in NS, forms the groundcover.Photo: Broom crowberry and huckleberryPhoto: ...and it's all within a couple of km of downtown Halifax, viewed here from a highpoint. Drop down a bit and you could be a thousand miles away.Photo: Jackpines with huckleberry understoryPhoto: Lowbush BlueberryPhoto: Lowbush blueberry var Bretonii, with glaucous (blue-green) leaves - some of the ordinary variety were inserted juts below the berries to illustrate the difference in leaf colour.Photo: Lambkill (Sheep Laurel) already thinking of fall?Photo: Bushwhacking territory - my shins wished I had heavy jeans on.Photo: Into a "bowl".Photo: Mountain Holly canopy.Photo: Mountain holly berries.Photo: The biggest Bolete I have ever seen, more than 1 ft diameter.Photo: Seasonal streambedPhoto: Seasonal streambedPhoto: Wetland and surroundings have a tropical ambiance.Photo: What the melting glacier left behind.Photo: More bushwhacking!Photo: Finally, we find the Jack Pine swamp. Serene.Photo: Leatherleaf in foreground.Photo: Carex stricta (sedge) & leatherleaf.Photo: Flowering stems of pitcher plant are very long here.Photo: Jack Pine clearly in a wetland!Photo: Undersides of leatherleaf turn golden this time of year.