40 Photos - May 25, 2013
Photo: With Alan Bean of Apollo 12... fourth man to set foot on the surface of our Moon! Also later part of the Skylab II (3) mission.Photo: Eico with Lightspeed Leo, and John... both come all the way from Germany & Wales!Photo: Dave Scott talking to Amjad, and Jim McDivitt cracking up over something in the background...Photo: With Gemini & Apollo astronaut + moonwalker Dave Scott!Photo: Great lecture by JPL's Marc Rayman about the DAWN ion propulsion craft mission, which has studied the asteroid Vesta, and is next heading to Largest-Asteroid-slash-Dwarf-Planet Ceres.Photo: Goofing with Dr. Leslie Young of the Southwest Research Institute, with a model of the New Horizons craft -- currently en route to Pluto!Photo: Lunchtime! Richard waits patiently while Shuttle Astronaut Bruce McCandless picks the perfect piece of chicken...Photo: Gemini XI and Apollo 12's Dick Gordon explains NASA astronaut selection process to a young visitor from Russia.Photo: With Supercool CSM pilot Richard Gordon!Photo: Apollo EECOM and no-nonsense NASA-autobiographer Sy Liebergot shares his thoughts on Apollo 13Photo: With childhood hero Jack Lousma of Skylab II (3) -- the first program I watched on TV!  He's also a veteran of STS-3 ColumbiaPhoto: My favorite slide of the day, a crisp GEM of a photo by Cassini, presented by Dr. Carolyn PorcoPhoto: Cassini guru & Star Trek consultant Carolyn Porco, with British particle physicist and LHC rock star, Brian CoxPhoto: Porco & Cox packed the house!!Photo: Taking notes for tomorrows' schedule, suffering from FOMO! (FearOfMissingOut)Photo: Met miss Libbydoodle! Thought Michael Collins' artwork was a good backdrop for our first photo, LOL!Photo: Professional Diver & Salvage guru Curt Newport tells us about his 14-year search for Gus Grissom's Liberty Bell capsule... finally found near Cape Canaveral, nearly 3 miles down!Photo: Caught up with the amazing Carolyn Porco, one of the most brilliant planetary scientists alive today -- she was also a consultant on Carl Sagan's "Contact" and the last Star Trek film!  Also, British rock star & particle physicist (really!), Brian Cox!Photo: Hey, the Bad Astronomy guy!! Phil Plait Himself!Photo: Plait covered Mars Curiosity... definitely one of the funniest talks of the day!Photo: I love how he made it sound like *I* was doing HIM a favor, LOL...Photo: With Richard & Phil at the luncheonPhoto: Evening cocktail party!  With Sawyer and Apollo 7 astronaut, Walt Cunningham!Photo: Put my camera over my head to get a wide shot of the room, and happened to catch Fred Haise meandering about and grinning.Photo: A more deliberate picture of me with Fred Haise of Apollo 13Photo: Setting up the astronaut group photos... wonder what Alan Bean found so funny??Photo: Eico and Lightspeed Leo, preparing to have their photo time with the astronaut hoard!Photo: I still can't believe this happened. Enjoyed filet mignon dinner in the ballroom with Mercury 7 original-Astronaut Scott Carpenter, the day after his 51st anniversary of the Aurora 7 mission! Wow.Photo: Day 3 ... beginning with the morning Apollo panel! McDivitt, Gordon & Haise weigh in on the state of the NASA budget. Don't look very cheerful, do they!Photo: Professor Brian Cox looks on as Apollo14 Moonwalker Ed Mitchell reminisces about his lunar surface partner, Al Shepard, RIP. Quite the rock-hunting expedition! He also noted with no small amount of snark that they were the ones to have the longest walk on the moon (2 1/2 km) because they had no ROVER!Photo: Gene Cernan & Nick Howes... oh, how smug does he look!!Photo: Gene Cernan talking to some guy's mother, LOL!Photo: Holding hands with the last man on the Moon: Apollo 17 Commander Gene Cernan! And yes, I'm really sitting on his lap. He winked and patted his leg as an invite when we asked for a photo --what's a lady to do?!Photo: The Meteorite Man and his rabid fans!Photo: BYU Professor of Astronomy & Physics Mike Joner, and our dear Aleox with her posters for everyone at SpaceFest V to sign!Photo: Comet Panel!

Hergenroether, astronaut Ed Gibson, comet tweeter Nick Howes, Kitt Peak Spacewatch's Jim Scotti, Hale-Bopper Tom Bopp, & industrial-strength Cometeer David Levy!Photo: With my comet-hunting heroes, Nick Howe & David Levy!Photo: Took a break from space stuff to go see a college friend in Tucson. And of course, we talked about space anyway, LOL...Photo: The Flandrau planetarium at the University of Arizona at Tucson. Look closely at the top of the artwork structure on the lawn... that's a huge iron meteorite!! :)Photo: Beside the Planetarium is the local Apollo Moon Tree, planted in 1976!