49 Photos - Jul 3, 2012
Photo: Location of the Massachusetts Moon TreePhoto: American Sycamore (plantanus occidentalis)Photo: Rocket Riley with one of his healthy saplings.Photo: He grew all these new moon trees with sycamore seed pods!Photo: Each year, he picks a few new pods from around the tree... and has sometimes had police come out to ask what he's doing!  Ah, just gathering tree seeds!Photo: Rocket Riley, tending his new Moon TreesPhoto: More saplings in a "fenced" garden on the front lawn...Photo: While I was visiting, Greg tookPhoto: Newest Moon Tree on the Riley Ranch, 2013Photo: Big Beautiful SycamorePhoto: Marjorie White's Poem "A Tree Lives" - written by the 6th grader in 1976... Marjie is 52 now!Photo: Angela with the Sycamore Moon Tree on her home turf :)Photo: The sign says "Moon (Sycamore) Tree - Grown from seeds taken to the Moon aboard Apollo 14 in 1971 - Seedling planted on April 30, 1976 Rededicated June 13, 2006"Photo: NASA Plaque accompanying the Booker Moon Tree in Hampton, VAPhoto: Booker Elementary School address in Hampton, VA... what better place to plant a moon tree?Photo: First stop: Arcata, California!  A bit chilly.Photo: Three Apollo Moon Trees, along with three control trees. Can't tell the diff between them, but a wonderful member of the faculty who's been teaching at Humboldt since the early 1970s pointed out the row to us.Photo: Tree hugger!!Photo: Apollo Moon Tree: Redwoods! (Sequoia sempervirens), planted in 1974Photo: New budsPhoto: They grew pretty darned tall! 
Compared to me, anyway.Photo: Flagstaff Arizona Apollo Moon Tree...
definitely the smallest one I saw.Photo: After being photographed next to giant redwoods,
this one was just my size ;)Photo: Old sign and Douglas Fir, behind the school and beside the lake...Photo: Maybe needs to be repainted...Photo: Douglas Fir (Pseudotsuga Menziesii), planted in 1976Photo: Near Folsom Lake, CaliforniaPhoto: Another lovely redwood, near St. Stephen's ChurchPhoto: El Dorado Hills signPhoto: Redwood (Sequoia sempervirens), planted in 1976Photo: My good friend Karen,
that tree-huggin' hippie! ;)Photo: Friendly Plaza, Monterey, CaliforniaPhoto: Camilla SDO diggin' the moon tree signPhoto: Redwood (Sequoia sempervirens), planted in 1976Photo: Bawk!  
(That's how Camilla pronounces... Bark!)Photo: Another big one, can't get it all in if I want to tell who I am in the freakin' snapshots!Photo: Mission Plaza, San Luis Obispo, CaliforniaPhoto: One of the biggest Camilla and I have seen so far, but we still have many more trees to go!Photo: Another giant redwoodPhoto: Whoooo! Shall we climb it?
Redwood (Sequoia sempervirens), planted in 1976Photo: The capital of California!Photo: And, the Capitol building in the capital of California...Photo: Near the security annex, we find our next beautiful Apollo Moon Tree, tucked away where you really need to hunt for it...Photo: Sacramento signPhoto: Redwood (Sequoia sempervirens), planted in 1976Photo: My pals Russ & Betsy at the Apollo Moon tree (one on the right) 
in Tilden Nature Area, Berkeley, CaliforniaPhoto: Redwood (Sequoia sempervirens), planted in 1976Photo: Closeup!Photo: Moon tree upward... another towering redwood!