24 Photos - Apr 29, 2013
Photo: First, I located the Auto Care section in my local Walmart - an easily visible sign in the back corner of the store.Photo: The Air Filter section was easy to find too, thanks to good signage.Photo: The FRAM FreshBreeze Cabin Air Filters with Arm & Hammer were hard not to miss in the bright green boxes!Photo: The FRAM FreshBreeze end cap provided me with the catalogue look up I needed to find my car's model number.Photo: The FRAM Fresh Breeze Product Catalogue was easy to find and even easier to use!Photo: Under the my vehicle's year, make and model, there were two air filter numbers listed with footnotes.Photo: I found the footnotes at the bottom of the page, and they made a distinction between trim levels and I picked the one that matched our car.Photo: We picked the filter we needed off the display shelves!Photo: We ended up getting one for my husband's car instead.Photo: My little helper was glad we finally made a decision :)Photo: Installation was pretty simple after I watched the videoPhoto: First I opened the glove box.Photo: You may have to release the pin that keep it from swinging all the way open.Photo: Apply inward pressure to release the sides of the glove box as well.Photo: It will swing all the way open once you've done that!Photo: Locate the AIR FLOW wording on the air filter frame.Photo: Remove the filter by slowing sliding it outward.Photo: Simply pop it loose to remove the filter from the frame.Photo: The empty air filter frame.Photo: Insert the FRAM FreshBreeze Cabin Air Filter with Arm & Hammer into the frame.Photo: Ensure that the air flow arrow is pointed the correct way.Photo: Reinsert the air filter back into the same slot till it clicks into place.Photo: Check out how disgusting the old air filter is . . . Yuck!Photo: Here is a side by side comparison of the new and old filter - I am SO glad the one on the right in now in my husband's car :) #FresherCar