16 Photos - Dec 14, 2012
Photo: I headed out to Tractor Supply Company to get my 10 yr. old his FIRST Daisy BB Gun!Photo: First thing as soon as I walked in the door!  Decisions, decisions...Photo: I just had to go with the Red Ryder!  It's FAMOUS!Photo: So many options available for ammo...just had to decide how many opportunities I wanted to give him to shoot his eye out...or one of my windows! LOLPhoto: I love living in a small town...Ran into my friend Betty as she was leaving. (We also crossed paths about 30 minutes later in the candy aisle at Walmart!)Photo: I couldn't pass up the safety goggles, plenty of BB's and some really awesome targets that they didn't have when I was a kid!  I see some shooting competitions in our future!Photo: The kids wanted me to pick up some gloves for their dad this Christmas...I'm sweet like that, but man, there were PLENTY of options there as well!Photo: It was pretty difficult to pass up this little gem...Photo: A record player is on my wish list . . .I love my vinyl, but I currently don't have a way to play them!Photo: This was too good and TOO reasonably priced to pass up!  I got TWO, one for each of my brothers boys for Christmas. My brother and SIL are going to LOVE me!  Hee heePhoto: My daughter loves horses and just asked me this week if she could get a new calendar...this fit the bill AND it fits in her stocking too!  SCORE!Photo: This was on the shelf at the checkout...cracked me up! Talk about some great marketing!Photo: My checker was smiling, helpful and happy to see me! I was very excited about my purchases!Photo: I could spend a lot of money in this store...sigh...Photo: I honestly don't know who is going to be more excited...Ethan or I!  WOO HOO!Photo: Many thanks to Daisy Outdoor Products for sponsoring this post!  Check out my blog at www.thebusynothings.com to enter the giveaway!