19 Photos - Dec 5, 2012
Photo: I am not big on Christmas Decorating before Thanksgiving, but I must admit I was a bit disappointed that my Walmart didn't have ANY decorations on the sign. :(Photo: A trip to Walmart without the kids made for a very happy mom!Photo: I needed to get some stuff for supper, but my pre-teen daughter requested something to remove hair from her legs...since shaving at age 12 was not an option, I stopped and purchased some Nair! ;-)Photo: As I was in the store, my sister called and asked if I could pick her up some sandpaper for her craft projects...I was more than happy to oblige!Photo: We were doing dinner and a movie night, and this popcorn was in my price range and looked too good to pass up!  Into the cart it went!Photo: Candy aisle...no worries, I didn't let it tempt me!  I quickly pushed my card right by it!Photo: We LOVE Stouaffers lasagna!Photo: Can't have lasagna without garlic bread and call yourself an American!  lolPhoto: Five Cheese BABY!!  Yum!Photo: This one reminded me about Ice Age 4!  We needed to get ready for the movie and I knew we could watch the first three movies easily before the new one came out! The package was supposed to have a sticker on it so you could get a free bag of candy if you purchased the lasagna and NY Texas Toast...I didn't see any packages with the stickers and even asked an associate in the freezer section who didn't know anything about it.  I was bummed, but didn't let it squelch my enthusiasm for FAMILY NIGHT!Photo: Love that you can buy the first two together, but we had them already, so we just added #3 to the cart.Photo: #3  We think Scrat is the best!!Photo: Oh SNAP!  The candle aisle right before the checkout called me much louder and I couldn't resist...Photo: Hmmm, decisions, decisions...the kids like the Sweet Tarts,but I like the Chew Sprees...Photo: So many things to choose from, but you can NEVER go wrong with peanut butter and chocolate!  Tis' the Season!Photo: YUM!  Although my sandpaper and Nair is looking a little bit out of place!  Did you know that Sierra Mist is one of the only sodas that Walmart sells that has no High Fructose Corn Syrup?  It's made with real sugar!Photo: Yeah, a no brainer...Momma was paying, so Momma bought the Sprees!Photo: Seriously salivating just looking at the picture again!Photo: www.thebusynothings.com