104 Photos - Oct 4, 2014
Photo: Geraldine Sparkes showing her talent.Photo: Noel Nolan letting it rip!Photo: Hazel Meyer, Mary Nolan and Harry Meyers relaxing after the meal.  That dessert must have been really good!Photo: Happy couple Brendan and Josephine O'ConnellPhoto: Noel Kavanagh trying to catch the eye of wife Eileen as they entertain with a duet.  Who could blame him.Photo: Peter Boyle, Ann Coe, Móire Stenson, Doris Lackey and Hazel Meyers. Peter's pink case looks really cute.Photo: If Harry Meyers is trying to hit a high note it looks as though Peter Boyle is not over impressed.Photo: Thea Boyle, Sandra Brophy and Ronnie Shorten.  Looks to me like there was more eating than singing on that Clifden trip.  They're even eating in the church.Photo: Josephine O'Connell, Charles Pearson and Peter Boyle Christ Church, Clifden.Photo: Móire Stenson, Charles Pearson, Harry Carpendale, Doris Lackey and M O R E food.Photo: I don't believe it they are all still eating.Photo: Not a sign yet of anyone singing.Photo: Photo: A smiling Liz Dignam and equally happy Jean Egan in Christ Church, ClifdenPhoto: Peter Polden and David Parkinson.  That looks like black coffee in David's cup.  Whatever it is they both look extremely happy.Photo: Photo: Photo: Mary Harvey and Thea Boyle looking bright eyed as usual.Photo: A brilliant smile from Joan Polden, well they are three very handsome men with her.  Lucky girl!Photo: The ladies are enjoying the goodies while Noel Nolan appears to be in deep thought.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Harry Carpendale playing the harp at rehearsal in Christ Church, ClifdenPhoto: Harry Carpendale rehearsing in Christ Church, ClifdenPhoto: Rehearsal Christ Church ClifdenPhoto: Photo:                                Photo: Photo: Eileen and Irene Kavanagh with a REAL nun.Photo:                                Photo: On board the busPhoto: Kathy Trant with Vivien and VincentPhoto: Ken Haslett, Joan Polden and Brid Brady enjoying an orient express experience.Photo: Brendan O'Connell and Barbara Broderik really good table manners no elbows on the table in this photo.Photo: Geraldine Sparkes and Josephine O'Connell dinning in style. I think they may have been singing "Hands up Baby"Photo: Revd. Leonard Ruddock addressing the audience in St. Mary's Church Blessington.Photo: Harry Carpendale on the harp in St. Mary's Church, Blessington.Photo: Blessington Millennium Choir Members in St. Mary's Church, Blessington, Co. Wicklow.Photo:                                Photo: In Blessington Square preparing Harry's harp for transit. Margaret Kennedy the lovely lady in red really brightens up this picture.Photo: Olivia Haslett a brilliant choir supporter.  She sustains us during our weekly practice nights.  Well done Olivia and a big thank you from all the choir members.Photo:                                Photo: Brendan O'Connell, I guess he is gazing at Josephine and not the cameraman.Photo:                                Photo:                                Photo: Ann Coe, Michael McLaughlin and Margaret KennedyPhoto: Organist Charles Pearson with choir members Geraldine Sparkes and Jean Egan.  Good girl Jean for passing round the sandwiches.Photo: Móire Stenson, Doris Lackey and Liz Dignam.  I think they are waiting for the soup.Photo: Smiles all round, soup must be on the way.  Yvonne & Richard O'Conor with Hazel Meyers.Photo: Elizabeth Hayes, Barbara Broderick and Áine O'Neill looks like they already had the soup.Photo: Noel Nolan giving his full attention to Yvonne O'Conor.  Perhaps she is telling him once again that he is NOT a soprano.Photo: Happy family Eileen Noel and Irene KavanaghPhoto: Phyllis Doyle and Roberta Hardy both looking angelic.  Is that really just water in the glass?Photo: An orient express experience.Photo: Harry Carpendale, Joan Polden and Harry Meyers in relaxed mode.  Love the matching blue shirt and socks Harry.  Are you also trying to be a poster boy for the choir?Photo: Elizabeth Hayes and Gabriela McCartan looking very photogenic.Photo: All aboard or are they!Photo: Thea Boyle, Jean Egan and Charles Pearson.Photo: Kathy Trant, Liz Dignam and Harry Meyers all assembled. Happy to report there was no fire.Photo: Doris Lackey, Ann Coe and Móire Stenson three amigos looking good.Photo: Joan Polden and Peter BoylePhoto: Happy couple Josephine and Brendan O'ConnellPhoto:                                Photo:                                Photo: Doris Lackey a founder member who remained singing in the choir.  She has worked for the good of the choir for the past fourteen years and is a much loved member.Photo: David Parkinson looking good enough to be the choir poster boy.Photo: Photo:                                Photo:                                Photo:                                Photo:                                Photo: Harpist and choir member Harry Carpendale performing in Christ Church, Clifden.Photo:                                Photo:                                Photo:                                Photo:                                Photo: Choir members Harry Meyers, Harry Carpendale and Noel Nolan supplying some very humorous after dinner entertainment.Photo: Police batons raised and giving their all these policemen are a happy lot.Photo: A lot of policemen with dangerous looking batons.Photo: Singer Michael McLaughlin on guitar, Harry Carpendale on keyboard and Tom Kirby on tin whistle with Siobhán Comerford joining in on spoons while Áine O'Neill and Liz Dignam spot the cameraman.Photo: Josephine O'Connell and Brid Brady looking beautiful.Photo: Josephine O'Connell, Ronnie Shorten, Bríd Brady and Joan Griffith all looking really well.Photo: Charlotte Pitt, Áine O'Neill and Siobhan Comerford.  Áine is really enjoying the craic.Photo: Looks like Irene Kavanagh wants to keep on the right side of the law and Peter Boyle looks very happy to have her on his left.Photo: Harry Carpendale on keyboard, Michael McLaughlin on guitar and Tom Kirby on tin whistle.  Entertainment at its best.Photo: Dancing duo Siobhán Comerford and Noel Nolan showing everyone how to step it out in style. This choir is full of talent.Photo: The very talented Tom Kirby giving it his all.Photo:                                Photo:                                Photo:                                Photo: Sr. NUN FOR YOU Ann Coe, Sr. NUN OF YOUR BUSINESS Móire Stenson and Sr. NUN FOR YOU Elizabeth Hayes singing in full chorus to the delight of the choir members. Liz Dignam enjoying a close up view.Photo: Song writer Alto Sandra Brophy, with Soprano Ann Coe and Alto Móire Stenson getting into the habit of singing in harmony during the after dinner entertainment.Photo: Sr. NUN FOR YOU Ann Coe and Sr. NUN OF YOUR BUSINESS Móire Stenson both in ecstasy by the look of it or perhaps they're on it.Photo: Adding to the enjoyment of the night with their after dinner entertainment Ann Coe reaching all the high notes, Móire Stenson and Elizabeth Hayes.Photo: This nun appears to be camera shy but is she really?Photo:                                Photo:                                Photo: Applause, applause, applause, Barbara Broderick, Geraldine Sparkes and Phyllis Doyle showing their appreciation for a brilliant nights entertainment or could it be the dessert they are happy about.Photo: Blessington Millennium Choir Musical Director Yvonne O'Connor on stage joining in the spirit of the night in her own unique way.  What a talented lady!Photo: Yvonne saying it her most enjoyable way, as you can see from the smile on the face of Harry Carpendale on Keyboard.  Michael McLaughlin on guitar.Photo: Noel & Eileen Kavanagh, Mary Kirby, Olivia Haslett and Tom Kirby. Look how neatly they stacked their plates.Photo: Áine O'Neill delighting the listeners with her beautiful voice.Photo: Irene Kavanagh in perfect pitch.  She could be our poster girl.