12 Photos - Sep 1, 2013
Photo: The upper ridge on the Achaean Pronouncement (5.7)Photo: The East Face of Dinosaur RockPhoto: Chris George rappelling off of the Southern Dinosaur EggPhoto: Chris George at the top of the first pitch of Rehatch (5.6) on the Northern Dinosaur EggPhoto: If you don't know that this is, then you should be out in the Flatirons...Photo: The ultra-cool and very exposed final ridge on Fi Fun (5.2)Photo: Final ridge on Fi Fun (5.2) on FIPhoto: Nearing the top of Quadratic Equation (5.6) on FOPhoto: The pothole crux on the East Face of the Pellaea (5.5)Photo: Repacking gear and plotting a cross-country route after Chris George handed off the support duties to Homie.Photo: Leading the first pitch of Satan's Slab (5.6).Photo: The second pitch of the Achaean Pronouncement (5.7).