33 Photos - Aug 1, 2014
Photo: Ted Munk captured mid-capturePhoto: The most popular machine I took. My light blue SM4 in cursive. I call her Olga.Photo: Ryan Adney trying out an Underwood Universal.Photo: Black and TanPhoto: Ted pounding out a typecastPhoto: Things got rolling early and never let upPhoto: Bill Wahl and Ryan AdneyPhoto: Bill's BennettPhoto: The star of the show: a Fay-Sholes #4 - lovingly restored by Doug NewtonPhoto: Hoppin!Photo: Photo: The future looks bright (Hasselblad 500c - 50mm 1:4)Photo: One of my favorites of the dayPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: These ladies were part of the group that typed a story in the roundPhoto: Doug typing on his babyPhoto: Photo: Billie wrote all her monthly letters on the various machines.Photo: This gentleman serendipitously donated his Corona 3 to the bar about three hours before the Type-In. He came back and really seemed to have fun.Photo: Doug on the Fay-SholesPhoto: Photo: Good food, drink and typewriters. How can you keep from smiling?Photo: (Hasselblad 500c - 50mm 1:4)Photo: Photo: The bar staff were amazingly supportive. I hope we can return soon.Photo: Story in the roundPhoto: Note to self: get at least one good picture of the co-organizer. Sorry, Ted!Photo: Photo: Photo: This gent and his son came in to do some typing without even knowing about the type-inPhoto: Fittingly, the day ended at the place where I caught the bug.