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Photo: Having some WiFi range troubles? Here's how to solve them with nothing but a Beer Can! (Ok, or a Coke can...)Photo: Cheap Garden Art

Step 1: Drill hole in fence.
Step 2: Shove marble in hole.
Step 3: Repeat.Photo: Wow! This is an awesome idea!Photo: I'm Batman.Photo: If you hate messy cables, and don't mind saving your used toilet paper rolls, grab a box and organize them like this.Photo: Awesome! Every plug, installed in every wall, every where in the world, should do this! Where can we get something like this for US wall sockets???Photo: Ahh, the great debate. Toilet paper - Over, or Under?!? Which do YOU prefer?Photo: Cool! Anyone know where I can buy one of these lightbulbs?Photo: Come on now. That's just ridiculous! What would anyone need with 15 megabytes worth of hard disk storage???Photo: Why is Google+ so awesome? Look how fast it grew to 10 Million users as compared with Twitter and Facebook.

My question is, what has Google+ done to your Twitter and Facebook habits?Photo: I suppose this is as good a thing to do with a used CD spindle as anything...Photo: Hows this for an ingenious idea for mens rooms?Photo: Evil iOS pair.Photo: This one takes a REAL geek to get it. +1 it if you get it, but don't give it away in the comments! :-)Photo: Got a problem with your stove? Not a problem if you own an iron...Photo: Here is a brilliant solution. Take two long standing truths - and combine them.Photo: If you're too young to remember the fervor over the release of Windows 95, well... it was just like a new iPhone release. Only it happened in the 90's.

Oh, and people couldn't tweet about it when they got it either. Heck, most people didn't even have cell phones back in 1995! Do you remember what YOU were doing when this was going down?Photo: This is dedicated to my friend +Chris Pirillo...Photo: Great Scott! This is awesome. Best part... check the license plate.Photo: Oh good god. +Chris Pirillo just shared this tip.

Open a Google+ Chat window and send this to someone:


Here's what you get.. (Sharing the image for those of you who have no one to chat with.)Photo: Yes, this is honestly the keyboard on my MacBook Pro. Thanks to +Mark Zamora...Photo: I want a pair of these shoes for X-mas. :-) But dammit! I can't actually find them for sale anywhere!Photo: This is such an awesome idea. Why can't I find something like this for US 110v outlets??? Anyone know where I can get some? These should be everywhere!Photo: WANT!

This ping pong door can be had for 990 euros from http://www.tobiasfraenzel.com/. If only we could get these in the US...Photo: It's just so addictive...Photo: Ahhh, yes. The old Belt-around-the-head-on-an-airplane trick!Photo: Lets Talk Cameras: Why Pixel Counts Are Irrelevant!
(And marketing people think the general public is stoopid.)

The graphic you're looking at here illustrates just a few of the different size image sensors that are found in modern digital cameras. And while retailers and camera manufacturers continue to attract buyers with the promise of more and more shiny pixels, those increasing numbers of pixels aren't nearly as important as the size of the sensor they're being crammed into.

Yes people, size does matter. Here's why.

A "pixel" on your digital camera is basically a single light sensor. Its only purpose in life is to measure the light that hits it and give a few bits of data to the computer processor in your camera. But for the sake of argument, lets pretend that the pixel in your camera is really a little cup! And its job is to catch delicious candy raindrops!

Now, lets look at just two of the sensor sizes on the chart below.
- The 18 megapixel APS-C sensor listed below is the size found in a $699 Canon EOS T3i SLR camera. (http://amzn.to/eos-t3i)
- The 14 megapixel 1/2.5" sensor below is a similar size to the $85 Canon PowerShot A2200 (http://amzn.to/canoon-A2200)

Can anyone speculate on how in the world its possible to cram 14 million pixels into a sensor that is 1/10th the size of one with 18 million pixels? Well, there is only one way. The pixels are smaller! Er, sorry... in our pretend world, the CUPS are smaller!

Now, lets assume we set our two sensors out in the candy rain and leave them to collect that sweet, sweet nectar of the God's for just 1 second each. Which do you think is going to catch more? That's right! The bigger one!

Not only will it catch more of that sweet sticky rain, but since each of the cups are actually about 10 times larger, there is also a greater likelihood that more cups will have stuff in them. Whereas, many of the tiny, tiny little cups on the smaller sensor won't have caught any.

Ok, switch back to light now. The pixels work the same way as the cups. The big sensor, with the big pixels, will capture 10 times the light that the little sensor catches! The means much, much more data for the camera's brain to process and fill in the gaps.

This is why larger sensor cameras have better color, better low light capabilities, more sharpness, and coincidentally - cost more. So, next time you're examining a camera for a purchase, please for the love of all that is holy and just in this world, ignore the pixel count and go with the bigger sensor. As a general rule you'll be winning.Photo: Holy crap. This is without a doubt the greatest customer service response of all time.Photo: Ok. Everyone go to McDonald's for lunch with your co-workers, and build one of these awesome cars to impress the folks your with! And when you do so, send me a pic of your creation and lets see if you can out-do this bad boy!

PS - If you actually do it, I'll feature them on the Geek Beat TV show. :-) Email pics to john AT geekbeat.tv.Photo: Don't say the answer! But, can you answer the question? :-)Photo: I wonder how many people are alive right now who have no idea what this is...Photo: I know this from first hand experience.Photo: Photo: Screw the http://MegaUpload.com shutdown. I've got another idea...Photo: You're doing it wrong.Photo: Here's a good idea for you. Instead of all your cables falling off the desk, just use a binder clip.Photo: What a N00B!Photo: Ok seriously.  Who wouldn't want the Cherry Chomper cherry pitter?

I just ordered one for $10.Photo: Why isn't every USB cable on earth built like this?  And for that matter, firewire, thunderbolt, etc.?Photo: Steampunk StormtrooperPhoto: Awesome idea!  You get a couple of these bags, throw them in your shopping cart, and when you're done you just grab the handles and go!


I'm thinking these are especially perfect for Costo or Sam's Club where they literally don't have any bags.Photo: Do you like what I've done with my ShopVac?Photo: Gotta get one of these T-shirts!Photo: Photo: Now that's a cool iPhone case.  Han Solo frozen in carbonite.  Only problem is, it's not really 3D.  But still.  If you want one:

http://www.etsy.com/listing/98516056/han-solo-in-carbonite-original-versionPhoto: Ok, I'm about to hop on the plane, so here is one more great idea for you guys before I go.

Recycle those bag ties from the grocery store as labels for your power cables or A/V cables on your stereo system!Photo: True.Photo: Started a new gang.  Who's with me?Photo: Hungry.  Microwave isn't working.  This will do.Photo: Can get up to 88 MPH ANYWHERE!Photo: Got a hairdryer, curling iron, electric razor, or some other device cluttering up your counter?  For $100-200 you can have any electrician mount a socket right in a drawer so you can put it away without having to unplug it!

Bonus idea: Install a plug behind the drawers and use an extension cord to reach into the drawer.  I did this for +Holly Pozadzides and she loves it!!!Photo: Need to get me some of these 8-bit towels!Photo: No.  I wouldn't say I'm game obsessed.  Why do you ask?Photo: Says it all.Photo: Now that's a new sign.Photo: You don't run the google?Photo: Good night friends.  I couldn't rest easy until I had shared this anti-cable-clutter technique with you.  Sleep well, and dream of binder clips till morning...Photo: Holy Wookie! Where can I get my reversible Chewbacca jacket???Photo: WARNING: DON'T PUT IPHONE 5 IN YOUR POCKET!

So, the new iPhone 5 case is entirely aluminum. Or as our friends from the UK would say, aluminium. Anyway, the iPhone 5 is apparently subject to bending.

This makes sense because the old case was stainless steel and was shorter. But the longer, softer frame on the 5 means it'll just give if you put it in your pocket (especially back) and sit on it.

Any of you had this happen yet? If you've got a 5, lay it flat on a table and check to see if its bent at all. Let me know if you've experienced this.

#iPhone #failPhoto: So you're in your hotel room, you have some leftover pizza, you do not have a convection oven.  No problem!!!Photo: This is awesome! I never really understood how big the moon was until now.Photo: I'm always losing keys, so I built a new keychain rack to appeal to Geeks!Photo: Does Han Solo qualify as "oversized" baggage?Photo: Why doesn't every wall outlet look like this?Photo: Spaceship Treehouse in the woods.Photo: Someone needs to tell me why in God's name this doesn't exist yet.Photo: Now you know what to do with all your old Altoid tins!Photo: Hey gang, if one of these is your PIN, I've got your number...Photo: +Dave Curlee is in for a little surprise at the office today.  MUAhahahah! #prank   #evil   #airhorn   #funny   #humorPhoto: Photo: Universal Symbols.Photo: Filming the Millenium Falcon scenes in Star wars!  Cool.

The best thing is that their feet stick out of the bottom!Photo: Every plug, everywhere, should have this capability!Photo: The dark side was never so delicious.Photo: Remember when?Photo: What say ye? Is this accurate?Photo: Alternatives to surfing the web this weekend...Photo: Kinda puts things in perspective.  (If you zoom in and inspect carefully)Photo: If you have a kid, and you don't do this for halloween - you are missing the point of being a parent!Photo: Here's a question for you!Photo: The Compact Automotive Live Streaming Rig!
Thought you guys might get a kick out of this photo I took back when we were driving cross country.  This is the rig we had mounted in the window as we were live streaming and driving down the road.

It's a +GoPro camera, sitting in a +Redrock Micro cage, with a +RØDE Microphones shotgun, a big external battery plugged in via USB, and an HDMI cable running to the back seat where it was plugged into a +Teradek Bond unit for streaming.Photo: How awesome is this???  Get a watch disguised as a mix tape!

http://bitly.com/mixtape-watchPhoto: A 50 Inch 4K TV on Amazon for UNDER $792!  And a 39 Inch for $499!
Holy Mother of all Displays!!!  For those of you who haven't heard of this, you can get a 50" or a 39" 4K TV for under $800 and $500, respectively!


So if you are looking to get a new TV this holiday season you should seriously consider these because even though there might not be a ton of 4K content yet, the reviews say its got great picture quality, and you're going to be future proofed for a little while at least!

BTW, if I were you, I'd order one NOW, because I'm going to bet that as soon as the holiday buying rush starts, these will sell out for the season.  They have no natural competition and they are going to go fast.  So don't sit there waiting!  Because you know I'm going to be doing the whole, "I told you so" thing soon... ;-)

The 50" is running $791:

The 39" is going for $499:

And a lot of people are reportedly using it as a computer monitor!

Happy hunting!Photo: PUBLISHED by catsmob.comPhoto: Check this out! A Digital Microscope for $50!
Amazon has this on a lightning deal right now.  There's only 12 minutes left to get one at this price!!!

===>  http://bitly.com/ZipScope  <===

Let me know if you get one!!!Photo: The beginnings...Photo: The Palladium Gun - A Re-Imagined Rubber Band Gun on Kickstarter!
Oh yeah!  When I get my gatling gun rubber band machine guns, I'll have a couple of Palladium revolver rubber band guns in my holsters as my backups.  You know, after I've emptied the main gun, we move on to la Pistolas! :-)

Order yours for under $30 on Kickstarter NOW!
===>     http://kck.st/1bneQTt    <===Photo: Men, listen up.  Here's how its done.Photo: Few things worse than this... #FT  #WiFi #SucksPhoto: +Rackstuds Where have you been all my life? :-)

For anyone who has ever had to mount ANYTHING in a rack, check these out!  Even sticking something very light like a small empty shelf in a rack can be challenging, because you have to hold it with one hand, while trying to hold a screw and a screwdriver with another.  I just don't have that many hands!!!

But these Rackstuds give you a little post you can push things up against and then thread on a nut by hand.  Why wasn't it ALWAYS this way?!?

http://geekbeat.tv/holy-mama-check-out-the-rackstuds/Photo: Solve for **??* if you're a genius...Photo: The only tie I want to wear anymore...Photo: +Cali Lewis is trying to KILL me with this whole #GeekFit  thing!  She's conspired with +Todd Abrams and +Jeff Dwelle and I think I'm going to die.

So who's going to be the first to support my NO PAIN, NO PAIN! T-Shirt Campaign?  Yeah, it's real, and you can get one for $20 at:

Spread the word people!  And order your Tee NOW!  YOUR LIFE MAY DEPEND ON IT!!! (Well, mine might...)Photo: YOU WILL BE INEBRIATED!

INEBRIATE!!!  INEBRIATE!!!Photo: Of course I only spent $10 on the 15 MILLION Volt TERMINATOR  stun gun because it has an LED...! http://gkbt.co/15Mvolts #FTPhoto: Answer me this, why aren't ALL paper clips made like this? #RTPhoto: What a 1Gbps Internet Connection Looks Like!
Here's my first +Time Warner Cable Speed Test at +The Geek House over 1Gbps fiber! This is being conducted with a +SoftLayer server a few miles from us, and the only limitation is the speed on their end.

In theory we could go faster, if we can find a provider who can keep up with our connection.  +1 if you wish you had THIS at home!  I know I do... ;-)Photo: This is Freaking Awesome!
Convert your standard Apple wall charger into a battery!  For $39, the NomadPlus adds a 1500mah battery to your boring Apple charger.

So, if you're still using that thing, GET ONE!

#FTPhoto: Photo: I have to say, we got the +Boombotix Boombot Rex in for review AND I LOVE THIS THING!!!

I've tried at least... ohhh, 100+ Bluetooth speakers, but this one is unique and I dig it!  First of all, I like the size.  I also like that it is LOUD, and it still sounds pretty good.  But most of all, I like the integrated belt clip!

I can walk around playing music with it right on my waist and it makes me happy.  You can get it on Amazon for like $89.  I highly recommend picking one up if you have the means:
http://gkbt.co/BoombotRexPhoto: #FTPhoto: I'm Batman. #FTPhoto: Why I love technology.

#FTPhoto: I had to think hard about this one...Photo: Since I'm in Germany I guess I need one of these Beer holders! #FTPhoto: +1 if you get it.Photo: Coming Soon... +Google Glass Competitor...
If they aren't sued out of existence... http://mota.com/smartglass 

#IFA2014Photo: Ok +Nike, you've got 5 months left to make this happen!Photo: God help you if you want this for your desktop wallpaper... but someone asked for it, so here you go!Photo: iPhone 6. The Dali Edition!Photo: Get the +CircleCount +Google Chrome Extension!
If you aren't aware, there is a cool extension you can add to Chrome that will automatically append extra stuff to your Google+ view of every profile you look at!

Here's a screen capture of what I see when I just hover the mouse over +Trey Ratcliff's name while looking at one of his posts.  It pops up a little info panel that tells me a bunch of stuff about him.

Even without hovering over him you can see that it appends a Follower History graph right below his details automatically, and it also adds other links to every page that I'm not showing off here.

It's free, so you might as well get it.  Because +CircleCount is awesome.  Here's the link to the Chrome extension. You're welcome.

https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/circlecountcom/gfehmiknpngmjkhiieampgfppicbncid?hl=en-USPhoto: I put an ad in the paper. We'll see who responds...Photo: +The Geek House Cyc wall Trussing is now hung!  It's also attached to motorized winches! So it can be raised and lowered from ceiling to floor!

Me so happy...Photo: Give it a try! See if it actually works... ;-)Photo: No Fighting Over the +damsonaudio Jets!
We just launched a big old giveaway for FIVE PAIRS of Damson Audio Jets, so no one has to fight over them! :-)

ENTER HERE ==> http://geekbeat.tv/giveaways/

Remember, they'll be hitting US shores in a couple weeks at +Sam's Club stores everywhere! But in limited supplies... so enter to win before you can even buy them - and then go by the stores and get 'em as holiday gifts!!!


May the force be with you.  And live long and prosper.Photo: Make Your Own Super Size Jenga!
This is a really cool idea I saw on a patio at a hotel in Dallas. They basically made a giant Jenga set out of 2"x4"s.

If you figure each section is 1 foot long, three of them will make a 1 foot square. You'll only get about seven 1 foot sections out of a board because each cut will eat away about 1/8".

Seven 2"x4"x8's will cost around $30 max - which by the way is $100 less than you'd pay on Amazon for this Giant Jenga knockoff!

==> http://gkbt.co/GiantJengaPhoto: Rockin' +The Geek House!
Found the PERFECT spot for the +damsonaudio Jet speakers! :-D

They make these awesome little mounting brackets you just screw on the bottom of the speaker and stick ' em where you want 'em.  I put one on my office window, and another on +Cali Lewis' window.  Now the hall is like a music chamber! And everyone is rockin' out!!!

Don't forget, you can win some at http://GeekBeat.TV/Contests and very soon you'll be able to get them at Ye Olde' Sam's Clubs across the USA. :-)Photo: I'M GOING TO GET A +NewTek TRICASTER MINI!!!
I WILL STOP SHOUTING NOW!!! But Holy crap! I'm excited!!! I'm literally driving down to San Antonio right now to go pick up a brand new Tricaster Mini!

I'm truly excited about it, because for the first time I really don't feel intimidated by this thing.  Sure, we've got the biggest, baddest Tricasters they make, which we use for broadcasting +Geek Beat LIVE and stuff.  But +Dave Curlee and +Kien Tran won't let me touch it!

But I'm claiming the new Mini, because it is so tiny and easy to use! Just plug in up to 4 cameras using HDMI inputs, and GO!!!  Even I can do it!!! :-)

After I get it and get a little practice I'm thinking about maybe doing some tutorial videos.  Would anyone be interested in learning how to do your own live broadcast with a Tricaster Mini?Photo: The reason why I'M staying on this planet.Photo: Here's a super cool Cell Phone mount for your car that is on a Lightning deal on Amazon for the next two hours (or until they're gone).  ===>  $16.99

http://gkbt.co/carphonemountPhoto: FREE +Geek Beat QuickKey With Every Order!
Yesterday evening we announced that through Monday EVERY order from the Geek Beat store will include a FREE QuickKey!  Since this is literally the first time in history we've done anything like this we had to learn how to make our system actually work!

So, we have a solution!
Step 1) Add a QuickKey to your cart: http://geekbeat.tv/product/geekbeat-branded-quickkey/

Step 2) Add all the other junk you want!!! :-) And buy a LOT! We need it...

Step 3) When you go to check out, just use the code FREEKEY and it will magically make the QuickKey FREE!


By the way, thanks for everyone's support of the show! We use the funding from our merchandise sales to pay our staff of highly trained monkeys. And by "highly trained" I mean just monkeys.Photo: YES! You CAN have bluetooth in your tooth brush! How does that even work? And WHY?!?

http://gkbt.co/BluetoothBrushPhoto: A little fishing geekery...Photo: Calling ALL Questions For +Cali Lewis and ME!
Ok, by popular demand, we're going to have TWO upcoming episodes of +Geek Beat which will be "Rapid Fire Q&A with Cali Lewis", and "Rapid Fire Q&A with John P." in which Cali and I will GRILL each other with the questions that YOU supply, right here, and right now!!!

So here's how this is going to work.  In the comments below you will toss out questions. Things you ALWAYS WANTED TO KNOW about or from either of us! OR... questions you think will STUMP either of us... or whatever the hell you want to ask! 'Cause that's how this works, see...

If you want a specific question asked to one of us in particular, then say so, like... "FOR JOHN P.- Just how rich are you?"

NEXT, Cali and I will comb through all the submitted questions, and we will select what we want to grill each other with.  The other will have NO knowledge of what is coming, and we'll turn the cameras on and just see what happens. NO CAMERA CUTS!!!

Got it? Glad someone does... Now BEGIN!!!Photo: I Just Bought a New Chromebook!
I've been looking to pick one up for a while, and I found this $239 Asus 32GB storage, 4GB RAM, Dual Core, Dual-band WiFi, USB 3.0, USB 2.0, HDMI, SD Card Reader, & Bluetooth 4.0 and 11 HOURS of battery life!


I thought it was a good enough deal that my brother just bought one too.  So if you're looking for a Chromebook - this is literally the one I just gave my money for.

If you don't know why you would want a Chromebook, here's my pitch:

A Chromebook is a very light OS device that gives you full access to all Google services.  The Chrome web browser, GMail, Google Plus, Hangouts, Drive, etc. along with a ton of apps built for the OS.

If you have one around the house you can have multiple profiles so that whoever gets on it has their own access to their own accounts and stuff. So this makes a great browsing machine, or guest machine.  It's also great for PARENTS who aren't so tech savvy and who you don't want to be doing a lot of tech support for.

So go get you one. You won't regret it.  Also, Google will give you 1TB of additional storage for every one of these you get for two whole years.


Oh, and keep in mind that when +Cali Lewis and I promote things like this they tend to either sell out, or the price increases. So act quickly or don't get mad at me!!! :-)Photo: An Iron Man sleeping bag? Shut up and take my money!

http://gkbt.co/IronManBagPhoto: HUGE!!! thanks to +Matt Lemon for my new Bullshit Button!!! +Cali Lewis is NOT going to like that I have this!!!

Here's where you can get one. They are awesome. :-)
http://gkbt.co/bs-buttonPhoto: Got a 3D printer? Why not print your own FREE T-Rex shower head?

From Thingiverse: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:329596/#madePhoto: My philosophy exactly.Photo: The Official C.I.A. Manual of Trickery and Deception!
Here's a stocking stuffer for the Geek on your holiday list, for under $9 PRIME! (Or for yourself.) ==> http://gkbt.co/CIAtrickery

+Brian Brushwood doesn't need it, but for the rest of us... ;-)Photo: The YotaPhone 2 Earns a +Geek Beat Editor's Choice Award!
And I should know... I'm the one who handed it out.  So here's the full scoop on one of the most "different" mobile devices ever made.

The good, the bad, and the ugly: http://geekbeat.tv/yotaphone2

What do you think? Interested in getting your hands on a device with screens on both sides and a 5 day battery life?Photo: In case you've ever wondered how a lock actually works.Photo: I Just Ordered My +Amazon.com ECHO!
So I got an invitation email to order the Amazon Echo, and as you would expect - I did.  It does say "by Invitation Only" so I'm not sure if that will prevent you from ordering? But you can see the Echo in the store:  http://gkbt.co/AmazonECHO

If you're interested maybe you can try and get one? Otherwise maybe it lets you get on a wait list? I have no idea... You guys give it a try and report back about what's happening without an invite!Photo: I Love My EcoReco Scooter! And You Can Win One FREE!
Ok, the +EcoReco Electric Scooter has me SPOILED! Yesterday I Tweeted when I left my hotel room:

And when I arrived at the convention center:

The trip clocked in at 16 minutes! Door to Door!  That is by far the fastest form of transportation I've ever experienced in Vegas!!!

And you can WIN One! Here's where you enter:
https://twitter.com/johnpoz/status/552591825408491520Photo: I dream of one day owning this metal cutting bandsaw. If I had it, I could cut metal, plastic, humans... You know.  Whatever...

http://1ce.co/JetBandsawPhoto: Print Ink Transfers on Wax Paper!
Here's a little trick I never would have come up with. If you want to print some sort of transfer image try running wax paper through your inkjet printer to create a transfer image!

Seems like it could make a huge mess. But I guess I'd be willing to give it a try!Photo: Interesting look at the ownership of Facebook. Basically, Facebook staffers are the majority owner, and only about 13% is owned by the general public.

It's funny because I think of Facebook as being so big and public. But when it comes down to it just 10 people (or entities) own like 50-60% of it. But I'm also pleasantly surprised to see the employee ownership.Photo: Star Wars vs Star Trek and Super Heros Fan Trailers!
Ok, so I collected all of the Star Wars vs Star Trek and Star Wars vs DC Marvel fan trailers over on my website so I wouldn't have to search for them later. :-) You can check them out at:  http://onemansblog.com/starwarstrek

If you know of any other super cool fan trailers like this share them in the comments or something!!!

#StarWars   #StarTrek   #Marvel   #marvelcomics   #DCcomics  Photo: I Got Almost 1.5 MILLION Points on +Candy Crush!
Some of you are going to tell me that I have too much time on my hands. But I would argue that I have exactly the right amount of time on my hands given that I got 1,465,180 points on level 55!

Although to be honest, it consisted of clearing the level fairly quickly and then just a huge random string of luck that kept racking up points at the end AFTER I was done doing my thing. But still... I'll take it! :-)Photo: Mmmmm. McIntosh Amps!

#Want  Photo: Seriously thinking I need to build one of these. And after that... one ring to rule them all.Photo: Tutorial: The Transparent Desktop Trick – 45 Awesome Photos of Clear Screen Monitors! And How to Make Your Own!
Here's something fun. I'm revising an old tactic with this one. I was messing around and took a photo of my MacBook Air at the Temple of Poseidon in Greece, and decided to turn it into a quick "transparent screen".


In case you haven't seen this before I put together a blog post with a ton of fun examples, plus a little tutorial about exactly how you can do it too! If you give it a try make sure and share yours with me so I can see how you did! :-)Photo: Come to the Dark Side. Because, you know... it's cheaper.Photo: Here's a VERY specific tutorial for +Synology​ owners looking to enable Link Aggregation with the TP-LINK TL-SG3424P POE Switch.

I'm sharing this as a lead up to a bunch of other stuff I'll be sharing to demonstrate how these two units can form the center of a complete network of services including media serving, file storage, video surveillance, and more!

Oops... forgot the link first time! :-D
http://onemansblog.com/2015/03/14/synology-link-aggregation-with-tp-link-tl-sg3424p-poe-switch/Photo: Cool Desktop Wallpaper to Organize Your Life!
Ok, this is AWESOME! Heather Moritz of +Moritz Fine Designs created this sweet desktop wallpaper that you can customize to help organize all the junk you have on your desktop.

I LOVE This idea! (And I'm using it... thanks Heather!) And she shared the files with everyone, along with a tutorial for how you can customize it for your particular taste.

Head over here to download the color and resolution that works for you, and then get that desktop organized!


And for the ladies, here was Heather's original, more feminine looking wallpapers:

http://www.moritzfineblogdesigns.com/2013/08/clean-up-your-computer-desktop-simple-computer-organization/Photo: #TrueStory  Photo: Hey, did  you think the Geek Beat +NAB Show desk rocked? Well, it was provided by Creative Dimensions! You can see their broadcast desks at:

http://www.gowithcd.com/broadcast/broadcast-desks/Photo: Mmm. #Bacon .Photo: Win an Ollie Robot!
We've got a fun little giveaway for you guys to partake in. :-) An Ollie app-controlled robot! These little suckers will MOVE! Details are at: http://geekbeat.tv/giveaways

You can get multiple bonus entries too, by tweeting, and doing stuff like that. So have fun with it!  Photo: Damn congested Internet....Photo: Developers, Innovators and Entrepreneurs!
Applications for EMERGE, a new wearable technology accelerator, close on May 13 (next week). The goal is to find wearable technology to help make first responders lives easier, safer and smarter.

They're accepting six startups for this class that starts June 8 and looking for the best of the best! So if you're looking for funding, support and mentoring, and you have a wearable startup idea - NOW IS THE TIME!!!  Head on over and check out the site:

http://techwildcatters.com/emerge Photo: Synology Enters the Router Business!
Exciting stuff! +Synology introduces the New WiFi Router RT1900ac.

Read all about it: http://geekbeat.tv/rt1900ac Photo: Everything You Need To Know about the +HTC RE Camera!
I've been playing with HTC's RE camera for the last few weeks, and here's everything I learned, along with some sample photos to give you an idea of what this little gadget is capable of.

http://geekbeat.tv/htc-re-review-an-amazingly-capable-pocketable-camera/Photo: Scott Ellis' NEW WordPress Theme 1/2 Price for Launch!
+GeekBeat's very own +Scott Ellis (and team) has released a new #WordPress theme called Local Media. The theme is CrAzY mobile responsive, super flexible and ridiculously FAST! It's also 50% off for a few days to celebrate the release.

Check out the huge list of features of this theme, and then swap your site over to it! You can see it in action on my personal blog over at:

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http://onemansblog.com/localmediaPhoto: Happy to meet +Alexis Ohanian at today's  #FordTrends  event.
For those of you who don't know him, he's the co-founder of +reddit. And for those of you who don't know what Reddit is... https://www.reddit.com/r/Reddit101

Alexis gave a fantastic talk today about the origins of Reddit as well as some of the lessons that can apply to others starting disruptive new services.  My favorite quote from his talk:

"You don't need to open a factory to change the world. You just need to open a laptop."

And yes, he's F'ing tall! I'm over 6', so that's your frame of reference. ;-)Photo: Ford's Mo:De Me Bike in Action
The Mo:De Me is +Ford Motor Company's latest entry into the last mile personal vehicle race. This little folding bike weighs about 30 pounds and can fold up and be carried in the trunk of a car, or taken on a train. It has about a 15 mile range when the rider pedals along with electric assist.

You can't get them yet, but this is a product that is currently in the lab and which they think is going to appeal to a growing segment of the population.   #FordTrends  Photo: How Does 18,000 Frames Per Second Sound?
Guess what I've got in my greedy little hands... an +edgertronic high speed camera! We're going to shoot a bunch of crazy slow-motion video FOR +GeekBeat  with it, so WHAT DO YOU WANT TO SEE IN RIDICULOUS SLO-MO???Photo: We've got an +HTC RE underwater camera to give away!
Lots of ways to win, so enter here:  http://geekbeat.tv/WinRE

And if you missed it, you can see my complete review at: http://geekbeat.tv/rePhoto: Hey gang, I need a little Windows help!
After having a VERY bad day with Mac OS, I'm trying to get ramped back up on Windows as a primary OS. One of the things I love about Mac is a little widget that works like  NetSpeedMonitor for Windows used to. It sits in the system tray and reports on the upload and download speed of your current connection.

Does anyone know of something that does this for Window 8.1 right now? Because I'm desperate over here... Thanks!Photo: If you're running Windows, I HIGHLY recommend picking up a little freeware app called NetWorx that will allow you to see realtime stats about your internet connection.


This baby is vetted and approved!Photo: Photo: Bluetooth Wireless Universal Game Controller Gamepad for iPhone iPad iOS System, Samsung Galaxy Note HTC LG Android Tablet PC
Here's an interesting little gadget press release I got today...

The Wireless Gamepad has three available modes, depending on the platform gamers are using:

- iCade Mode for iOS is compatible with iCade classic games including PAC-MAN, Asteroids, Centipede, and Battlezone. It is also compatible with a plethora of modern games. Simply search “iCade” in the app store for a list of compatible games for iOS.

- Android/Mouse Mode is compatible with a wide range of free apps from the Google Play Store including Angry Birds, Grand Theft Auto 3, MC4, Wild blood, Dungeon Hunter, Zombie, FC simulator, GBA emulator arcade emulator, SFC simulator, N64 emulator, Shadowgun, Sonic CD, Cordy, soulcraft, Zenonia4, 9 Innings 2013, Riptide GP, and more.

- Joystick Mode for Windows devices is compatible with gaming services such as Steam (remapping of keys may be required) for endless game play of Dota, Metal Gear Solid V, The Phantom Pain, Grand Theft Auto V, Fallout 4, Mad Max, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, NBA 2K16, Left 4 Dead 2, Far Cry 4, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, Borderlands 2, and more.

The Wireless Gamepad is available now in for $40 on Amazon - http://amzn.to/1jA4yeePhoto: Here's an idea. Instead of a passWORD, use a passPHRASE.Photo: #StarWars Yodagami.Photo: Oh yeah, the 3D Silicone Wrist Rest Big Buttock Mouse Pad will really class up your desktop... http://amzn.to/1PV1FgH

Check out the other images on this thing. You rest your wrist, in her butt.

#ILikeBigButts   #ICannotLie  Photo: For fun I've been taking AutoCAD at the local college. By summer I'll be up to speed on AutoCAD and SolidWorks if all goes well. Here's a little sample of a 2D rendering of a coffee mug!

Believe it or not, figuring out how to draw and dimension something as simple as a mug is really a pain in the ass. But people do this for a living, and obviously stuff that is MUCH harder!

Any of you use AutoCAD or SolidWorks on a routine basis?Photo: He might be taking this flight simulator game a little too far...