18 Photos - Mar 3, 2012
Photo: Heading to 10 day silent retreat, bathed in white light. Feb 26, 2555 BE. In Thailand, the year is counted from the year of Buddha's Enlightenment.Photo: Room #22 in Women's dorm. Waking bell at 4am. Meditation starts at 4:30am.Photo: Where we have meals. 6:30 Breakfast. 10:30 Lunch. 5pm Soymilk (in big pot on right). All other times, MEDITATE.Photo: Olga, from Russia. There were 3 Russians in our 8 person cohort + 1 Belgian, 1 French, 1 German, 1 Canadian and me.Photo: In case you forget the steps in your walking meditation or your prostrations to Buddha, here is a helpful reminder.Photo: The wat (temple) pets. They are so relaxed, except one dog who was a barker, they were all pretty chill.Photo: The stupa/chedi. Another great place to meditate (see dog napping picture).Photo: Buddha in the Garden, my favorite meditation spot.Photo: Buddha (in gold toga) sitting in the garden, under an umbrella-like thing (keeping the statue clean) but he is protected/surrounded by a 7-headed snake. This picture is taken a night, hence the lights on the umbrella.Photo: Night picture of massive tree in center of garden. Tree is wrapped in gold fabric at the base.Photo: The Head Monk, Ajahn (Prof.) Supan. Wise. Funny. Kind. We met with him individually everyday so he can monitor our experiences and guide our meditation practice.  It's official...I have a monk crush.Photo: Sweeping leaves was required of us, preferably after breakfast and lunch. I loved it so much, I created a sweeping meditation (which I did for 90 minutes once).Photo: Inside of the library. Nice cool marble makes it a nice spot to medidate in the afternoons.Photo: Completed Dragons. Is the first dragon being swallowed or is it emerging from the second?Photo: Who invited the Princeton tiger?Photo: Buddha Day night ceremony on circa Feb 23 (with the full and 1/4 moons).Video: Buddha Day -- Walking around the Stupa (where dog napped) - Nuns then monksVideo: Night Sounds in the Garden. Bells, chanting, crickets, nun watering the garden. 3 minutes