19 Photos - Jan 13, 2012
Photo: Part of what will make the Fantasyland expansion so magical is how the land will rise up and surround you on all sides. It will be very heavily landscaped. So I'm hoping that three will be some trees that block this show building that is otherwise plainly visible next to Beasts Castle top the mountains.Photo: Here you can begin to see some of the detailed placemaking going on around the Fantasyland Expansion. Alas, this view is now gone since Dumbo is closed for its move to Storybook Circus.Photo: In the foreground is a giant pit that will eventually house the Seven Dwarfs Coaster.Photo: From left to right: The old tent has been expanded with re-enforced exterior. Looks like there will be a double thickness tent. So it's going to appear even bigger on the outside. Behind the tent is the new Fantasyland Train Station. In front of the tent is the pt for the roller coaster. To the right is the new Dumbo spinner.Photo: As construction on the bathrooms that are replacing the old Skyway station begins, it's time to say goodbye to great detail like this.Photo: Prince Eric's castle looks great. Although still not as white as in the movie.Photo: Work on Main Street facades continues. When it's done the park will look better than ever.Photo: Belle's Cottage is starting to come together.Photo: The Plaza Ice Cream Parlor is getting some much needed love. In the meantime some gypsies have left their wagons out front to hawk their frozen wares.Photo: The Main Street Bakery is also getting facade work.Photo: Some thing new is being installed behind the Great Goofini train storage barn. Not sure what this is. Perhaps part of the new queue?Photo: Wanted to take one last photo of the landscape here.Photo: As part of the Fantasyland bathroom addition, Mme Leota's merchandise cart has been moved further into the middle of Liberty Square.Photo: The Cupola on the Great Goofini loading area looks great. So does the new topper for DumboPhoto: This 'wall' is actually a wire fence with a hedge themed tarp over it. Better than tan walls if you ask me.Photo: A little better look at the new topper for the Dumbo Spinners.Photo: I love the look of the new train station in Storybook CircusPhoto: Work continues on the DVC expansion of the Grand Floridian. It's hard to see, but they're pushing new sand into the water so there's more land to build upon.Photo: The tent for Dumbo is looking mighty yellow. But they are making progress on it and the queue for the ride.