6 Photos - Jan 31, 2012
Photo: Image 47 Tuc - seeing condition in Perth at the moment of this shot is quite poor so it is difficult for me to accept this as a decent image. Image has distinctive yellow star colouring while blue stars are not that good. More learning on processing might be needed.Photo: 05/02/2012 a crop of the previous image of Omega Centauri. A vast number of young stars.Photo: 05/02/2012 nights work was initially to capture Eros, but missed again. I have always wanted to capture this Globular cluster and quite happy with the result. This is a full field view from my TS80 @ 480mmFL F6 35 images stacked. Nice and sharp even with a manual focuser.Photo: Photo: My first ever Globular Cluster M4 shot on 23 June 2011Photo: A blow up and crop of M4 from 23 June 2011