274 Photos - Oct 12, 2013
Photo: Photo: August 7, 2011 - Site Survey at 55 nassau Street N. - The Antenna StructurePhoto: Photo: CJNU's AntennaPhoto: Photo: Looking northwest towards the airportPhoto: Photo: Looking towards TransconaPhoto: Photo: The Rack in the Radio RoomPhoto: Photo: Lots of room for the UHF D-STAR repeater and computerPhoto: Photo: Above the RackPhoto: Photo: Garth, VE4GWB, checking it outPhoto: Photo: A view down the Assiniboine looking eastPhoto: Photo: Looking towards the southeastPhoto: A view looking eastwardPhoto: A view looking southwestPhoto: Looking south towards Fort RichmondPhoto: Looking southeastPhoto: The Evergreen Towers with downtown in the backgroundPhoto: Checking out the site for the antennaPhoto: Garth, VE4GWB, arranging a signal test with Glen, VE4GWNPhoto: Overlooking the Assiniboine River to the southwestPhoto: The base of the antenna structurePhoto: Yup, 4 and a half inches!Photo: Looking west over the Wolseley areaPhoto: Gotta get a picture!Photo: From the rooftop looking southPhoto: Dennis VE4EX, Garth VE4GWB and Roy VE4EN discuss logisticsPhoto: Mark VE4MAB standing beside the new home for our D-STAR RepeaterPhoto: A view looking towards Portage AvenuePhoto: Looking slightly northwestPhoto: A view looking northwestPhoto: Looking towards CYWGPhoto: Looking west towards St. JamesPhoto: Looking west alone the Assiniboine RiverPhoto: A view looking towards TuxedoPhoto: A view looking southwestPhoto: At 1036 ft above sea level - we're HIGH above it all   ;-)Photo: September 24, 2011 - Roy, VE4EN, making preparations for installing the UHF antennaPhoto: Garth, VE4GWB, holding the mastPhoto: Ted, VE4VID, planning the cable runPhoto: Glen, VE4GWN, holdling the ladder while Mark, VE4MAB, installs the mast mounting bracketsPhoto: Mark, VE4MAB, hard at workPhoto: The brackets are being installedPhoto: Ted, VE4VID, still at workPhoto: Mark, VE4MABPhoto: Ted, VE4VID and Dennis, VE4XE, mouting the 6db UHF Omnidirectional antenna on the mastPhoto: Our view of Winnipeg in the backgroundPhoto: The Work PartyPhoto: Aligning the bracketsPhoto: Working in the morning sunPhoto: Showing mounting hardwarePhoto: Mark, VE4MAB, about the highest he's been in Winnipeg at 1046 ft!Photo: Tightening it upPhoto: One last yank on the wrench!Photo: Ready for the mastPhoto: Ted, VE4VID, tie-wrapping the coax to the mastPhoto: Glen and Dennis steadying the mast for TedPhoto: Photo: The UHF omni is secured to the mastPhoto: Spread wrapping to reduce stress on the coaxPhoto: Almost ready to installPhoto: Glen waiting while Mark tanks up on COFFEEPhoto: Mark getting the mounting hardware readyPhoto: Installing the first clampPhoto: Ted, VE4VID, holding the mast while Mark, VE4MAB, tighens the clampsPhoto: Glen practicing his climpbing skillsPhoto: Glen checking line of sigth to his QTHPhoto: Almost donePhoto: Making adjustmentsPhoto: Mark, VE4MAB, tie-wrapping above the bracketPhoto: Ted, VE4VID, holding the mast steadyPhoto: Dennis, VE4XE, laying out the coaxPhoto: Dennis, VE4XE, laying the coax on the antenna structurePhoto: The VE4WDR UHF omni in place!Photo: View of the mounting hardwarePhoto: Ted, VE4VID, taking a break to record the sightsPhoto: A fine sight to seePhoto: Ted, Glen, Dennis and Roy planning the coax installPhoto: Ted drilling the first hole into the radio roomPhoto: Glen and Ted looking for the hole..... it missed!Photo: CJNU's rack above where VE4WDR will be installedPhoto: Dennnis, VE4EX and Roy, VE4EN, checking the rackPhoto: Glen looking for the hole!Photo: Ted, VE4VID, installing the support brackets for the coax along the wall on the roofPhoto: Dennis at the ready with screws and brackets speeding up the installPhoto: Ted and Dennis securing the coaxPhoto: Thanks to cordless power tools the install was a breezePhoto: Looking northeast towards downtown WinnipegPhoto: Half way therePhoto: View of the Assiniboine RiverPhoto: Looking EASTPhoto: Looking SOUTHPhoto: Looking WESTPhoto: VE4WDR on the antenna structurePhoto: Looking NORTHPhoto: A few more feetPhoto: Dennis and Ted running the coax to the antenna structurePhoto: Garth did the Timmies RunPhoto: Roy, VE4EN, watching as Garth, VE4GWB, uses his Icom 92AD to test the antenna making contacts with VE4YYL & VE4OAK, and VE4EX mobilePhoto: Garth in front of the rack doing his signal testPhoto: Ted and Glen packing upPhoto: Ted Programming his D-STAR  HTPhoto: Glen ckecking his programmingPhoto: Looking west at the VE4WDR UHF Omi from the roof of the radio roomPhoto: Great view of the horizon looking westPhoto: VE4WDR UHF Omi on the antenna structurePhoto: Our UHF Omi, the newest antenna on the structurePhoto: Showing the cable run from the building to the antenna structurePhoto: Waiting to radiate 444.575 !!Photo: Mark VE4MAB, Ted VE4VID, Glen VE4GWN, Garth VE4GWB, and Roy VE4EN (missing is Dennis VE4EX now mobile)Photo: The 38 stories of 55 Nassau Street NPhoto: VE4WDR - 2nd from the leftPhoto: Garth holding the VE4WDR D-Star repeater with Glen looking onPhoto: Glen and Rosi having a lookPhoto: Photo: Checking out the componentsPhoto: The duplexerPhoto: Garth holding the controllerPhoto: VE4WDR's view of Winnipeg at nightPhoto: September 29, 2011 - Installing the UHF D-Star repeater with Garth, VE4GWB, making connectionsPhoto: Garth hooking up the controllerPhoto: Connecting the Cat 5 cablePhoto: VE4WDR repeater, controler and power supply is in the rackPhoto: Connecting the repeater to the duplexerPhoto: Connecting the antenna feed linePhoto: All looks OKPhoto: VE4WDR Repeater, Controller and Power SupplyPhoto: Roy, VE4EN, and Garth, VE4GWB, preparing to throw the switchPhoto: Final inspectionPhoto: Garth throwing the switch - VE4WDR is ON THE AIR!Photo: No smoke so all systems are GO!Photo: Setting the duplexer aside for air flowPhoto: VE4WDR 444.575 Iutput and 449.575 Input DVPhoto: October 20, 2011 Garth, VE4GWB, Swapping the duplexerPhoto: UHF duplexer in the rack mount with space waiting for anotherPhoto: Garth installing the new duplexer in the rackPhoto: Roy, VE4EN, checking the connectionsPhoto: Ready to Go??Photo: The full rack!Photo: October 22, 2011 - Troubleshooting our input problem and checking the antenna/connectionsPhoto: Going to check the antenna connectionPhoto: Carefully removing the shrink wrapPhoto: The feed point of the UHF antennaPhoto: Glen tighening the radialsPhoto: Found our problem! Recessed center conductor!Photo: A quick temorary fix and SWR now perfectPhoto: Garth holding the antenna for a test before mounting itPhoto: All looks A-OKPhoto: Glen listening for Rosi on VE4WDRPhoto: Two modes - D-Star DV and old technology - CellularPhoto: Test complete, system working, Garth re-installing the antennaPhoto: Glen holds the ladder for safety while Garth secures the antenna mastPhoto: Happy Camper - GarthPhoto: George, VE4GHR, programming the computerPhoto: George, VE4GHR, computer guruPhoto: VE4WDR D-Star repeater system - Looking good!Photo: Closeup of the UHF and 1.2 Gig simplex data repeaters and controllerPhoto: Roy VE4EN and Glen VE4GWN prepating the 2 meter antenna mountPhoto: A handy mounting platePhoto: Garth VE4GWN preparing the mast for the 2 meter antennaPhoto: Roy drilling the mounting plate with Glen's helpPhoto: The plate mounted on the structurePhoto: Garth and Roy installing the 2 meter D-Star repeaterPhoto: Making it neat in the rackPhoto: Making it securePhoto: Glen VE4GWN holding the coax while Mark VE4MAB pulles it through the holePhoto: Mark VE4MAB mounting the 2 meter omni directional antenna to the structurePhoto: The north side of the mounting configurationPhoto: The south side of the mounting structurePhoto: VE4WDR - D-Star - VHF / UHF / 1.2 Gig High Above Winnipeg !!Photo: The VHF antenna in placePhoto: Looking northPhoto: A closeup of the mounting configurationPhoto: VE4WDR - D-Star UHF / VHF / 1.2 Gig repeaters, controler, power supply, UHF Duplexer, computer!Photo: Closeup of the heart of VE4WDRPhoto: Garth VE4GWB with a view of 55 Nassau Street N on his laptopPhoto: 2 meter duplexerPhoto: Jim VE4SIG checking the rack for a place for the UPSPhoto: Making room for the UPS in the rackPhoto: Getting all the parts out of the boxPhoto: Who reads instructions?? Jim doesPhoto: Making sure the power is OFFPhoto: Slipping the monitor/keyboard into placePhoto: Testing the slide out keyboard trayPhoto: Tripp-Lite Console in placePhoto: Garth VE4GWB getting instructions from Jim VE4SIGPhoto: Checking and re-checkingPhoto: The handy slide out keyboard and monitorPhoto: Jim VE4SIG setting the UPS in placePhoto: SmartPro-UPD by Tripp-LitePhoto: The Updated VE4WDR D-Star SystemPhoto: Glen and Rosi with the VHF OmniPhoto: Garth VE4GWB, Rosi VE4YYL and Glen VE4GWN working on the roofPhoto: Getting ready to install the 4 Bay VHF folded dipole antennaPhoto: The 4 Bay VHF antennaPhoto: Close-up of one elementPhoto: Garth VE4GWB and Glen VE4GWN installing the mounting platesPhoto: Garth and Glen at workPhoto: Garth VE4GWB mounting the plate for the 4 bay antenna on the structurePhoto: Setting the antenna in placePhoto: Garth positioning the antennaPhoto: Pengy !Photo: Rosi VE4YYL our supervisorPhoto: Garth VE4GWB routing the coaxPhoto: Glen packing upPhoto: The VE4WDR VHF, UHF and 1.2 Gg antennasPhoto: VE4WDR's view of WinnipegPhoto: VE4WDR high above WinnipegPhoto: Planning for the install of 4 Bay UHF DipolePhoto: Rosi VE4YYL, Mark VE4MAB, Garth VE4GWB and Roy VE4ENPhoto: Garth on the cagePhoto: Rosi VE4YYL and Glen VE4GWN surveying the sitePhoto: Creating a plan of attackPhoto: Richard VE4KAZ, Garth VE4GWB and Glen VE4GWNPhoto: Dennis VE4XE holding the plate for Roy VE4EN's trusty drillPhoto: Taking a break to view Winnipeg!Photo: Dennis finnishing off the platePhoto: All set to start the installPhoto: Figuring where to startPhoto: Photo: Got it done. VHF on left, UHF in centre and 1.6 Gig to the rightPhoto: VE4WDR antenna systemPhoto: The VE4WDR View of WinnipegPhoto: Garth VE4GWB conducting a testPhoto: The rest join in with their D-Star radios!Photo: William VE4VR and Garth VE4GWB discussing where to place HSMM antennasPhoto: William VE4VR and Garth VE4GWB discussing where to place HSMM antennasPhoto: Roy VE4EN (Right) showing Dennis VE4XE the new CJNU transmitterPhoto: Roy, William and Garth discussing where the HSMM system will reside in the new rackPhoto: Garth VE4GWB broadcasts that VE4WDR will be off the air for the move to CJNU's new rackPhoto: One Piece At A Time!Photo: Garth starting with the keyboard trayPhoto: Moving the power barPhoto: Garth VE4GWB reconnecting the D-Star system in the new rackPhoto: Garth and RoyPhoto: Roy helping to move the feed linesPhoto: Garth making the feedline connections behind the rackPhoto: Up and over the rack!Photo: Garth at the keyboardPhoto: Garth VE4GWB testing the VE4WDR D-Star systemPhoto: The VE4WDR D-Star system below the CJNU transmitterPhoto: VE4WDR D-Star system back on the air 3 hours 13 minutes later!Photo: Now with easy access to the rear of the rackPhoto: Roy VE4EN, Derek VE4HAY and William VE4VRPhoto: William VE4VR preparing to install the HSMM antennasPhoto: Derek the safety man with William on the ladderPhoto: Installing the HSMM antennasPhoto: William at work!Photo: A view through the support structurePhoto: William and Derek preparing the cable runsPhoto: The HSMM feed linesPhoto: William preparing to install the HSMM cablePhoto: Roy and Derek supervisingPhoto: Raising the antenna supportPhoto: Preparing an antenna for mountingPhoto: Derek preparing to make the connectionsPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: