32 Photos - Jun 15, 2014
Photo: Full moon on the way to the startPhoto: Photo: Photo: Getting that Brevet CardPhoto: Many new faces at the startPhoto: Going up ConzelmanPhoto: We all still have our legsPhoto: Photo: The HeadlandsPhoto: Grant H.Photo: Photo: Walking our bikes where we should be walking our bikesPhoto: Photo: Greg M. on a missionPhoto: Heading to the steep Coastal climbPhoto: Oh yes I remember CoastalPhoto: Just the startPhoto: Photo: Pantoll RdPhoto: Photo: Photo: John climbs BofaxPhoto: This guy hit the side mirrors of 3 or 4 parked cars going 8mph and eventually stopped to fight with his passengers and hopefully leave notes on the cars he had damaged.Photo: John and I can smell the finish from Coyote RidgePhoto: Approaching the steep section of Coastal TrailPhoto: Yes this Coastal section is as steep as it looks. Fun.Very carefully descending with one hand of the handlebar (on the camera)Photo: More on the same steep section of CoastalPhoto: Look! the pavement of Conzelman is just there. I am practically done. All left is descending into the GG Bridge and rolling to Crissy Field. I am tire.Photo: Yeah! happy.Photo: GG BridgePhoto: Photo: