19 Photos - Aug 10, 2013
Photo: Photo: I always like to be prepared when I go to the store. During my lunch break at work, I took a look to see which Fuzzy Coat polishes I would like. I already have 3, so there were some that I KNEW I wanted. This one was an obvious choice because I love blue and green together.Photo: Wool Knot is also at the top of my list to get. Blue is my favorite color so I'm hoping my Walgreens has this in stock!Photo: Fuzzy Coat All Yarned Up is one that I have been wanting ever since I saw swatches of it. I love all the different colors in this one!Photo: I found myself heading to the Walgreens website. Of course I'm a balance rewards member! I wanted to check prices and colors of the Sally Hansen Xtreme wear polishes too.Photo: Hey hey! Here's my local Walgreens. This is the closest one my home and office. I went RIGHT after work!Photo: This is the beginning of the cosmetics aisle in my Walgreens. It's the first section when you walk in the door!Photo: Beauty counter galore! Here they usually have some specials, deals...and as you can see magazines!Photo: This was a little display at the beauty counter. This looks like some leftover products with coupons to use, but there weren't many coupons available.Photo: Hey! Nail It! Magazine! Little did I know one of my manicures was featured in the mag! I later went and bought myself a copy!Photo: Ah yes, the wall of Sally Hansen products!Photo: Can you believe this is all they had? Well, I picked up my All Yarned Up and Fuzz-Sea.Photo: I also picked up my 2 Xtreme Wear polishes to og along with my fuzzy coats!Photo: I needed some makeup too so I grabbed these, but ended up putting them back until later in the week. I DID get these eventually though!Photo: My purchase for that evening! I'm super excited for everything and I'm totally happy with my purchase.Photo: Yea, there's a McDonalds right next door and all that shopping made me a little hungry! Who else likes nuggets every once in a while? I get mine with honey mustard!Photo: Check out my blog post to see how you can get this look! http://www.katstayspolished.com/2013/08/sally-hansen-textured-nail-art-fuzzy.htmlPhoto: Check out my blog post to see how you can get this look! http://www.katstayspolished.com/2013/08/sally-hansen-textured-nail-art-fuzzy.htmlPhoto: Check out my blog post to see how you can get this look! http://www.katstayspolished.com/2013/08/sally-hansen-textured-nail-art-fuzzy.html