62 Photos - Jun 4, 2014
Photo: There's a tree frog at the door...Photo: AphidsPhoto: Spittlebug plus dewPhoto: DropletsPhoto: Horny ladybugsPhoto: Milkweed bugs on dandelionPhoto: Master of his domainPhoto: StinkhornPhoto: Spring AzurePhoto: MulleinPhoto: Bee getting pollenPhoto: American KestrelPhoto: DickcisselPhoto: Common whitetail, immaturePhoto: Western ribbon snakePhoto: Blue Dasher, femalePhoto: Blue Dasher, malePhoto: LadybugPhoto: Fox on the runPhoto: Big Guy gets his own bed.Photo: Moth mulleinPhoto: Black-eyed SusanPhoto: White beard-tonguePhoto: SpiderwortPhoto: Pale purple coneflowerPhoto: YarrowPhoto: Long-horned milkweed beetlePhoto: Bright flyPhoto: Purple poppy mallowPhoto: PrimrosePhoto: Deformed soldier beetlePhoto: Harvestman backlit on milkweed leaf.Photo: Me and my shadow.Photo: Hickory HairstreakPhoto: Eastern CommaPhoto: Go camping, with a Hackberry Emperor.Photo: Great Spangled FrittilaryPhoto: Purple milkweed.Photo: Bee on a prairie rose.Photo: Mr. Stalk EyesPhoto: Jumping spider.Photo: Gretchen loves camping, but is sniffing toward the grill.Photo: Great Spangled FrittilaryPhoto: Great Spangled Frittilaries on milkweed.Photo: Tiger BeetlePhoto: Spider and flyPhoto: Red admiralPhoto: Margined leatherwingPhoto: Ladybugs in lovePhoto: Ribbon cutting for observation structure.Photo: Observation structure over the Mississippi River.Photo: Periodical Cicada: Iowan Brood (brood III), Siloam Springs State Park, ILPhoto: HarvestmanPhoto: Newly hatched monarchPhoto: DaisyPhoto: Long-horned milkweed beetle.Photo: Black-eyed susanPhoto: Purple coneflower.Photo: A gathering of stamens.Photo: Treehopper with last instar shed cuticle.Photo: Photo: