29 Photos - May 2, 2012
Photo: As the More is More Mom®, I’m all about……more feeling fab! In all my life, I have never battled allergies until this year. I decided to head to the CVS Pharmacy to see what I could do about this inconvenient situation.Photo: The sneezing, the itchy throat, the runny nose, the watery eyes! It’s such a total drag.Photo: Rather than self-prescribe, I decided to pay a visit to a professional; the pharmacist. After explaining (and complaining about) my symptoms, she recommended Allegra.Photo: Sneezing? Check. Itchy throat? Check. Runny Nose? Check. Watery Eyes? Check.Photo: And, when using your CVS card in the month of May, a 30 count pack of Allegra is just $17.99. YAY!Photo: If I am going to be feeling better, I should celebrate by looking better too.   In fact, why not check out the Allergy Makeover Game at http://allergymakeover.com/Photo: Today was my lucky day; my Amanda just so happened to be my shopping companion. Who better to help me investigate the cosmetics department than a teenage girl? They are practically a walking encyclopedia of beauty trends. Besides, I am always admiring her eye make-up. Perhaps today is the day I learn her secrets……Photo: Wet & Wild showcased a great eyeliner and eye-shadow combination.....Photo: ....as did Physicians Formula.Photo: Here's the thing; Gwen Stefani is super cool, so if she likes L'OREAL, why shouldn't I?Photo: My Amanda favors Revlon eyeliner.Photo: I decided to give Sueded Brown a whirl!Photo: L'OREAL's Voluminous Million Lashes went directly into our cart.Photo: After perusing the all of the eye-shadow shelves, Amanda thought Milani's RUNWAY EYES in Fashionista Pinks was the real deal.Photo: But, Amanda always has that beautiful shimmer, so we also decided to try the Milani Peaches & Cream sparkly shadow.Photo: In order to clear up some of the confusion, we thought we would pick up the latest issue of In Style magazine.Photo: One thing I do know for sure, great faces start with great skin. Neutrogena's Deep Clean looked like a good place to start.Photo: If moisturizer is also important, then moisturizer with wrinkle repair must be king!Photo: I snagged some new foundation and....Photo: checked out bronzers and blush.Photo: How could we possibly pass up a product called Happy Booster?Photo: I never leave home without something on my lips.Photo: As a devotee of L'OREAL's lip-liner, I grabbed my favorite shade; Eternal Mauve.Photo: The 8 hour Infallible Gloss caught my eye in Blush.Photo: Amanda did remind me that she needed shampoo and conditioner, so we stocked up.Photo: Once our cart was full, it was time to check out.Photo: At home, I spilled my new stash out onto the counter and flipped through the pages of In Style magazine for inspiration.Photo: I tried out my new look and felt happier, relaxed and refreshed. It was a miraculous trip to the CVS; feeling better and looking better!Photo: I am a member of the Collective Bias™ Social Fabric® Community. This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias™ #CBias #SocialFabric. All ideas and experiences are my own