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Kris Bergstrom

Kris began his taiko career as a member, composer, and leader of the university group, Stanford Taiko. He then spent 3 years in Japan where he studied and performed traditional dance within the Wakayagi school, kumidaiko with Nihon Taiko Dojo, and nagauta shamisen with Kineya Katsuyukie, one of the world’s most respected shamisen players. An artist of many talents, Kris maintains an active teaching schedule of taiko technique, turntable scratching, and shamisen, and currently serves as mentor to a small group of dedicated apprentices. In 2008 Kris received his natori (professional stage name) for nagauta shamisen from the Kineya School where he is known as Kineya Katsukoujyu. He is one of only a handful of musicians in the United States who have achieved this status.

Giveaway date: Sunday, December 22ndPhoto: Item Description
Custom Taikomom Bachi Bag. Choose your fabric from Taikomom's large inventory and have her make your very own bag.

Giveaway date: Tuesday, December 17thPhoto: Hinode Taiko CD
donated by Hinode Taiko

Tracks on the CD include HT crowd-pleasers "Uma", "Between Friends", "Together", "V", "Stress" and "Kyra's Song"

Giveaway date: Sunday, December 15thPhoto: Hinode Taiko Bandana
Donated by: Hinode Taiko

Giveaway date: Wednesday, December 18thPhoto: Grand Prize #2:
donated by: Steve Lein of MN Taiko

Shimedaiko and stand custom made by Steve Lein of MN Taiko. (http://www.mntaiko.com/)

GRAND PRIZE Giveaway date: Wednesday, December 25thPhoto: Photo: Practice Shime
donated by: Stuart Paton

Made in Vermont Shime Taiko 2-in-1! Height is 5.5" & Diameter is 14.5". The shell is a hollowed-out African bowl 9" across the top and 9.75" across the bottom, with a 12" bilge diameter. Two clear and separate pitches from each the Omote and Ura skins.

Giveaway date: Tuesday, December 24thPhoto: Portland Taiko 3 CD Set
donated by: Portland Taiko

3 CD set
- Making Waves
- Big Bang
- Rhythms of Change

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- Sunday, December 15th
- Thursday, December 19th
- Sunday, December 22ndPhoto: Hinode Taiko Bandana
Donated by: Hinode Taiko

*Another use for bandanas!

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Taiko Totes (Taiko with Toni)

$50 Gift Certificate towards a "Taiko with Toni" bachi bag or taiko tote. (http://www.dmamusic.org/taikowithtoni/taikototes.html)

Giveaway date: Tuesday, December 17thPhoto: Photo: 30 Days to Better Shime
Kris Bergstrom


Giveaway Date: Tuesday, December 24thPhoto: SKYPE LESSON
Kaoru Watanabe

KAORU WATANABE, a former member of  the Japanese taiko ensemble Kodo, is a practitioner of various Japanese transverse bamboo flutes, the taiko drum as well as Western flute.  His music can be best described as an ever shifting blend of the folk and classical traditions of Japan with contemporary improvisational and experimental music.

Giveaway date: Saturday, December 21stPhoto: TAIKO WEEKEND INTENSIVE
donated by San Jose Taiko

Receive a gift certificate to attend SJT's Weekend intensive 2013-2014 for FREE!

Drawing date: Tuesday, December 24thPhoto: Photo: Large Onigiri Plushie Pillow
Donated by: Nancy Matsudaira on behalf of Seattle RTG Taiko Groups

Giveaway date: Wednesday, December 18thPhoto: Large/Long Bachi Bag
donated by: Wendy Jedlicka of Taiko Jinsei

Don't leave your precious instruments poking out in the rain, sleet and snow! Bachi are fully enclosed in this bag protected by a water repellent nylon lining, for maximum weather protection.

> 8"x 30" (Aprox.) / Holds 2pr. shime or tapered bachi + 2pr. chu bachi + 1pr. odaiko bachi.
> Tough nylon bottom skuff-panel for years of long-lasting wear.
> Internal pocket for return I.D. and earplugs.
> Includes carrying strap.
> $50 value!

Makes a great yoga-mat bag too!

Color: Something really taiko-awesome like...

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