37 Photos - Oct 12, 2015
Photo: Time of Day / DatePhoto: Full Review of Polar A300 here http://www.heartratemonitor.co.uk/polar-a300-review/Photo: Today's Activity Goal acheived - gull review of Polar A300 here http://www.heartratemonitor.co.uk/polar-a300-review/Photo: Percentage of Daily Target achieved / exceededPhoto: Daily Target summary 2 # 3Photo: Daily Target Summary 1 # 3Photo: Polar Flow App HR graph with intervalsPhoto: Summary of session with calories burnt and training beneiftPhoto: Weekly summary of exercise activityPhoto: HR graph with 5 x Sports ZonesPhoto: Time Spent in various sports zonesPhoto: Photo: Same activity view on Polar Flow WEB SERVICEPhoto: Bluetooth connection to Android and iPhone for data transfer to Polar Flow APPPhoto: Polar Fitness TestPhoto: Result of Fitness Test - more information here http://www.heartratemonitor.co.uk/polar-a300-review/#fitness-testPhoto: Result from Polar Fitness Test - VO2 Max scorePhoto: VO2 Max Fitness Test Result - more information here http://www.heartratemonitor.co.uk/polar-a300-review/#fitness-testPhoto: Exercise View. Heart Rate and DurationPhoto: View while training showing Time of Day and Calories burnt so far...Photo: Exercising with Fat Burn / Fitness Improve Zone Pointer http://www.heartratemonitor.co.uk/polar-a300-review/#fat-burn-or-fitnessPhoto: Time Spent in Fat Burning Zone versus time spent in Fitness Improving Zone http://www.heartratemonitor.co.uk/polar-a300-review/#fat-burn-or-fitnessPhoto: End of ExercisePhoto: Training HistoryPhoto: Exercise Summary of a Running sessionPhoto: Summary page 1 # 3Photo: Exercise Summary showing durations and calories burntPhoto: Average and Max HR from a training session.Photo: Time spent burning fat versus time spent in Fitness impovingPhoto: Sports Profile - RUNNINGPhoto: Another Sports Profile optionPhoto: Sports Profile for WalkingPhoto: One of many SPORTS PROFILES available in the A300Photo: Swimming Sports ProfilePhoto: General Settings MenuPhoto: Watch Setting menuPhoto: Settings - Top level menu