50 Photos - Aug 25, 2015
Photo: The information booklet - key to a wonderland of intellectual delights!Photo: Professor Flavia Cicuttini, SPHPM, giving a research overview.Photo: SPHPM Honours student Connor Rochford, giving an account of the Honours experience.Photo: Dr Jo O'Toole, SPHPMPhoto: Over 200 students attended the evening.Photo: AMREP seminar room at capacity on the night. Student feedback was very positive about the time to chat and opportunities to engage with different subject specialists.Photo: Photo: Professor Stephen Jane, Head of Central Clinical School.Photo: Professor Stephen Jane, Head, Central Clinical School.Photo: Jodie Abramovitch, who did Honours in 2011 and has just completed her PhD on shellfish allergy in the Department of Immunology, talking about following your curiousity.Photo: A/Prof Mark Wright, Honours coordinator for CCS, going through the nuts and bolts of applying.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Professor Stephen Jane, 'From Mouse to House'Photo: Photo: Photo: Associate Professor Robyn Woods, Executive Officer of ASPREE, the largest clinical trial in Australia.Photo: Dr Liz Gardiner, ACBD (foreground) and Karla Fischer, PhD student ACBD, behind. Dr Justin Hamilton to the far right.Photo: Prof Jenny Hoy, Infectious DiseasesPhoto: Prof Harshal Nandurkar, ACBDPhoto: Dr Justin Hamilton, ACBDPhoto: Dr Shiva Akbarzadeh, Department of Surgery, talking about her wound repair for burns researchPhoto: Dr Rose Ffrench, Department of ImmunologyPhoto: Monash Alfred Psychiatry Research Centre, "We mend minds".Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Prof Jenny Hoy foreground, Charles Livingstone further alongPhoto: Photo: AMREP lecture theatre, between the Baker IDI and Burnet Institutes, 75-85 Commercial Road, Melbourne 3004.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Refreshments provided!Photo: Dr Bing Wang, SPHPM. Dr Jo O'Toole to the left.Photo: Baker IDI Institute specialises in chronic diseases, particularly cardiovascular and diabetes.Photo: Photo: Dr Charles Livingston, SPHPM, in focus. Foreground, Prof Jenny Hoy.Photo: Dr Charles Livingstone, SPHPM. His research expertise is on gambling addiction.Photo: A/Prof Christof Hagemeyer and A/Prof Jody Haigh, ACBD, backgroundPhoto: Australian Centre for Blood DiseasesPhoto: Photo: Approximately 200 students turned up on the evening.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Dr Paul Ramsland, Burnet Institute, to the left.