69 Photos - Nov 16, 2014
Photo: Dr Seb Dworkin, Department of Medicine, Central Clinical School, opening the one day symposium.Photo: About 150 attended throughout the day.Photo: Hannah Vanyai, who won the Best Student Oral Presentation. Her topic was "Identifying targets of the histone acetyltransferase, MOZ, in palate development"Photo: Photo: Photo: Harley Owens, CCS BiomedSc(Hons) student, whose topic was "The role of the Grainyhead-like transcription factor family in craniofacial development"Photo: Professor Jane Visvader, Joint Division Head, Stem Cells and Cancer, WEHI. She spoke on “Getting abreast of the mammary differentiation hierarchy and cancer”Photo: The sponsors helped create a successful conferencePhoto: Feeding the scientific fires...Photo: Sponsor BiolinePhoto: Sponsor Merck MilliporePhoto: Poster sessionPhoto: Photo: Vahid Pazhakh with his poster, “Modelling antifungal treatments in zebrafish embryos infected with Penicillium marneffei”Photo: Lee Miles (in the hat), who won Best Student Poster Presentation for his poster, "The requirements of PCP signalling in early endodermal morphogenesis", with Viola Lobert (WEHI).Photo: Donia Moujalled (centre with notepad) was one of ten poster judges, seen here doing her job!Photo: Dr Vani Kulkarni (Peter Mac)Photo: Avnika Ruparelia with her poster, “Zebrafish models of BAG3 myofibrillar myopathy suggests a toxic gain of function leading to BAG3 insufficiency”Photo: Ain Roesley (St Vincent's Institute), “Control of cell proliferation by Brahma chromatin-remodelling complex”Photo: Jeannette Hallab, "Further investigating the role of Elk1 during cardiogenesis"Photo: Mo Zhao, “The expression and function of myomesin genes in zebrafish”Photo: Liana Goodings, “Necessity of Nr4a2 in dopaminergic vs. non-dopaminergic fates in the retina”Photo: Wouter Masselink explaining his poster, “Evolutionary emergence of limbs: a unifying hypothesis as evidenced by infiltration of somitic mesoderm into the Apical Ectodermal Ridge”Photo: Jan Manent (Peter Mac), “Investigating the tumour suppressive properties of the autophagy pathway in Ras-driven epithelial tumourigenesis”Photo: Ain Roesley (St Vincent's Institute) explaining her poster, “Control of cell proliferation by Brahma chromatin-remodelling complex” to Emma Whitelaw, one of the plenary speakersPhoto: Photo: Dr Denny Cottle discussing his poster, “p53 activity contributes to psoriasis-like features in murine skin”. Denny won the Best Postdoctoral Poster Presentation.Photo: Celia Vandestadt, "Defining cellular mechanisms initiating regeneration in the zebrafish CNS"Photo: Ivan Gladwyn-Ng, "Bacurd2 is a novel interacting partner to Rnd2 which controls distinct phases of radial migration within the developing mammalian cerebral cortex"Photo: Ivan Gladwyn-Ng. Inventive use of Leonardo Da Vinci's perfectly proportioned human figure in a Roger Daltrey pose.Photo: Dr Francesca Froldi, "Drosophila transcription factor Nerfin-1 prevents reversion of neurons into neural stem cells". She won Best ANZSCDB Member Oral Presentation.Photo: Jeremy Ng, "Environmental cues direct fate specification during zebrafish retinal regeneration"Photo: Dr James Godwin, "Defining the role of innate immunity and nerve signalling in adult salamander limb regeneration". James won Best Postdoctoral Oral PresentationPhoto: Dr Jan Kaslin asking a questionPhoto: Dr Marina Carpinelli, “Ets1+/-;Fli1+/- mice model aspects of Jacobsen’s Syndrome”Photo: Vahid Pazhakh, “Modelling antifungal treatments in zebrafish embryos infected with Penicillium marneffei”Photo: Thabatta Nakamura, “Deciphering epistatic interactions between splicing regulators and signalling pathways during zebrafish neuronal development”Photo: Stefanie Dudczig, “Characterization of secretagogin positive neurons in the zebrafish retina”Photo: Michelle Henstridge, “Localised control of Torso receptor tyrosine kinase activation in Drosophila terminal patterning”. Michelle won Best ANZSCDB Member Poster PresentationPhoto: Photo: Lee Miles with his winning posterPhoto: Ophelia Ehrlich, “Laminin as a therapy for muscle regeneration”Photo: Alissa de Novais Freire (ARMI), “Understanding the mechanisms associated with cardiomyopathies in Nkx2-5 mouse models”Photo: Wouter Masselink, “Evolutionary emergence of limbs: a unifying hypothesis as evidenced by infiltration of somitic mesoderm into the Apical Ectodermal Ridge”Photo: Cristina Keightley, “Differential requirement for Zbtb11 in myeloid lineages in basal versus emergency myelopoiesis”Photo: Benjamin Lindsey, “Molecular regulation of adult-born neurons in sensory niches of the zebrafish brain with exposure to a chemosensory-induced novelty assay”Photo: Raquel Vaz (SOBS), “Identification of candidate genes for nemaline myopathy”Photo: Markus Tondl, “Establishing and optimising a zebrafish ChIP protocol to study cis-regulatory modules in cardiogenesis”Photo: Arianna Nenci and Jeanette Rientjes, “Monash Gene Targeting Facility: Targeting Animals for Success”Photo: Mitra Amiri, “Investigation of cellular source and molecular factors that drive remyelination after spinal cord injury (SCI) in zebrafish”Photo: Raquel Vaz discussing her poster in the foreground, Emma Watson behind.Photo: Photo: Photo: Phong Nguyen, “Examining zebrafish muscle stem cell clonal behaviors during homeostasis”Photo: Mitra Amiri discussing her posterPhoto: Prusothman Yoganantharajah, "Bisphenol A causes increased lipid deposition in a zebrafish model of obesity"Photo: Katherine Lange, "Using comparative gene ontology analyses to identify mechanisms of early stem cell differentiation"Photo: Professor Emma Whitelaw, Head of Department of Genetics, La Trobe University. Emma was one of two plenary speakers.Photo: Joffrey Degoutin (Peter Mac), "Identification of new growth regulators modulating the Hippo pathway"Photo: Kieran Short, "An integrated cell, tissue and whole organ profile of kidney morphogenesis"Photo: Jesus Fernandez-Casanova The murine miR-196 cluster is essential in patterning and development of the vertebral columnPhoto: Mr Lee Miles: Best Student Poster PresentationPhoto: Dr Denny Cottle: Best Postdoctoral Poster PresentationPhoto: Ms. Michelle Henstridge: Best ANZSCDB Member Poster PresentationPhoto: Ms Hannah Vanyai: Best Student Oral PresentationPhoto: Dr James Godwin: Best Postdoctoral Oral PresentationPhoto: Dr Francesca Froldi: Best ANZSCDB Member Oral PresentationPhoto: Photo: Dr Louise Cheng (Peter Mac), Dr Jan Kaslin (ARMI), Dr Seb Dworkin (CCS), Ms Bonnie Dopheide (CCS), Ms Julia Veitch (CCS)