24 Photos - Mar 10, 2013
Photo: This tree is one of the first things you see when you get to Brown's Bay.  That's the United States of America across the water and ice.Photo: The sign at the front gate.Photo: Rhonda getting her stuff out of the trunk.Photo: Rhonda took off ahead of me to go take pictures.  She reminded me of a kid in a candy store; I couldn't keep up to her!Photo: Down along the waterfront.Photo: This is the crack that's appeared between shore and the ice shelf.  It won't be long before the ice is gone now.Photo: Taking a picture or climbing a tree?Photo: Detail of the ice.Photo: In the crack between the ice shelf and shore.  You can see the bottom through the thin ice.Photo: Detail of the ice crack.Photo: The ice crack runs the full length of the shoreline.Photo: Melting blocks of ice make for some great icicles in the thawing and freezing cycles we've been having lately.Photo: Another detail of the crack.Photo: The sun shining through the clouds.Photo: Snowmobiles and ATV's ride along the shoreline.  Here's where their tracks go from the shore onto the ice.Photo: My Canon XA10 videocamera.  I was filming different scenes for "The Thaw" https://vimeo.com/61504095Photo: The shoreline with the ice retreating.Photo: Shrub poking out from the snow.Photo: The shoreline.  Beautiful, isn't it?Photo: Rhonda taking a break at a picnic table.Photo: Rhonda photographing the crack.Photo: Another shot of Rhonda at the shoreline.Photo: Rhonda grabbing a chunk of ice.Photo: Rhonda taking a picture of the ice chunk.