24 Photos - May 28, 2012
Photo: Outside of the prison walls.Photo: No parking.Photo: Inside of the walls.  Shingles seeing better days on the "barracks" that make up the prison compound.Photo: Rhonda taking a picture of one of the buildings in the compound.Photo: Another picture of the buildings in the grounds.Photo: The greenhouse in the out of bounds area has seen better days.Photo: The prisoners basketball court is starting to be reclaimed by nature.Photo: The baseball diamond is all covered with grass now and the fences have seen better days.Photo: Prisoner room.  The ceiling is collapsing onto the floor where the inmates used to sleep.Photo: Rhonda snaps a picture of a room where inmates slept.  You can see the marks on the walls from the prisoners heads as they slept.Photo: Broken windows and collapsing ceilings were a common sight throughout the buildings.Photo: This used to be the kitchen where food was prepared.Photo: This is where new inmates were processed.Photo: Near the nurses station.Photo: A really bad collapse of the roof.Photo: Peeling paint was a common sight throughout the buildings.Photo: Looking down a hallway.Photo: Rhonda about to walk through barred doors.Photo: Rhonda snapping a picture down the hallway.Photo: The view down another hall.  You can really see how time is taking its toll in this still.Photo: One of the few windows that wasn't smashed.Photo: The view from inside of a prison cell.Photo: No private baths.  Just a common shower and sink for the row of inmates.Photo: Those think slits on the left and the open doorway at the end was the only natural lighting this cell block received.