65 Photos - Apr 1, 2008
Photo: panoramic view of pachamalai.
http://sdbotany.blogspot.inPhoto: Reach UPPILIAPURAM first.Proceed from
Uppiliapuram  via sobanapuram to reach pachamalai. At pachamalai>top sengattupatti>vengamudi>periapakkalam>odaikattupudur>sinnamangalam>periamangalam.[this is the last stop]Photo: entrypoint-forest check post.Photo: details.Photo: rain harvesting structure.Photo: way up.Photo: forest dept project for biodiversity.Photo: welcome to pachamalai.Photo: way up.Photo: glimpses of pachamalai.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: mostly scrub jungle.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: modern entry.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: maize.cultivated.Photo: Photo: Photo: other crops-paddy.Photo: Photo: Photo: his desire is to become a police offIcer-knows very well about youth inspirer Dr.Abdul kalam.studying 8th std.note the cell phone in his pocket .a symbol of modern tool by its omnipresence.Photo: Photo: another crop cashew.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: another crop-tapioca-for its tuber.Photo: a typical village.Photo: all completed secondary school education.Photo: Photo: a hamlet.Photo: a typical house.Photo: the large one is for cows and the smaller one is for goats.Photo: way to falls.Photo: contd..Photo: contd..Photo: falls- not with greater heights-approach road is under constuction.Photo: Photo: wonder to the natural lover.Photo: contd..Photo: contd..Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: simple,contended.Photo: friends FOR EVER. I CLICKED  THIS,  during their working hours.They told me that they were happy in their remote village on the mountains with unspoilt air,water,foodgrains and peaceful sleep.MAY  GOD BLESS THEM  WITH MORE YEARS.Photo: his house.Photo: landowner.Photo: grain granery-mud ,reinforced, with bamboo sticks-time tested -can store 4 types of grains.grains can last long upto 10 yrs -no pesticides added.Photo: the owner of the grain granery.Photo: ladder to the top.Photo: the roof.there is a goat skin the smell keeps away the rats.- his concept?Photo: at the top.Photo: in one chamber.Photo: see the other chambers.One near  his right hand and the other opposite to the hands with wooden lid.Note the bushel, to measure !Photo: Photo: Photo: the memories will last long.