15 Photos - Jul 19, 2015
Photo: Darren Bowman and his new BJ Craft EpisodePhoto: Michi Akimoto and his Oxai AcuracyPhoto: Karen and Gorgie Jack and his BJ Craft NuancePhoto: Saturday Morning and the pilots start to arrive.Photo: Peter Nieuwenhuizen and his CyclonePhoto: Dave Blaby and his Mythos SPhoto: Photo: Prize table at the awards.Photo: Intermediate Norm Bryson and Darren Bowman with CD Dave BPhoto: Advanced Gordie Jack with Dave BlabyPhoto: Masters Stan Anderson, Ron Kennedy and Dave BlabyPhoto: Henry Piorun, Michi Akimoto (with Dave B) and Dave ReavillePhoto: Peter pulls the winning ticket out of the bucket.Photo: Stan Adnderson holds his winning ticket with Peter, Dave, Stan Hartley and Michi.Photo: Results