211 Photos - Nov 2, 2014
Photo: Chad with his Oxai Citrin in Australia.Photo: Photo: Our first "Team" picture following the Team Trials in Calgary.Photo: New Acuracy Mono from Jet Legend for Ethan.Photo: Photo: Ethan's Jet Legend AcuracyPhoto: Photo: The box is opened and it's time to unpack the plane.Photo: Wing covers tell a story.Photo: Nice touch with the  Canadian Flag painted in!Photo: Top wing.Photo: Bottom of bottom wing.Photo: Photo: Fuse comes out.Photo: Workmanship is fantastic... but that's what you pay for!Photo: Fuse is perfect.Photo: Hardware package.Photo: Michi goes in with the knife.Photo: Michi shows off his top wing.Photo: Fuse is in perfect condition... until hangar rash rears it's ugly head :-)Photo: The first bulletin came out today so I thought it was time to dry fit the fuse together for some pictures. Bottom wing first.Photo: The cabanes went on next then the top wing was attached. I then added the stabs & canopy.... went together perfectly... simple awed by the quality of this plane.Photo: Front view.Photo: Photo: This is the perfect place to assemble planes in the winter :-)Photo: OK getting excited about flying this plane!Photo: Photo: I cleaned up my garage and found a building table!! Best get to work!Photo: Very "blingy" tail wheel assembly and control horns in Chad's parts package.Photo: Chad's second Oxai Acuracy on the
 benchPhoto: Chad's #2 AirframePhoto: Dave's Acuracy build... Right rear motor mount side tab dry fit.Photo: Dave's Acuracy build... Close up of tab install.Photo: Dave's Acuracy build... Motor mount tabs and front support blocks epoxied in.Photo: Dave's Acuracy build.... rear battery support tray epoxied in with hysol. This will not only support the tray but also add additional strength to the gear plate. The material is 1/8th end grain balsa and is light and strong. http://www.acpsales.com/Carbon-Fiber-1Ply-Balsa-Panels.html FYI It weighed 12 grams before installation :-)Photo: Dave's Acuracy build.... i also added some additional hysol to the rear gear support as well.Photo: Dave's Acuracy build... I was able to run the 1000mm S.Bus hub easily through the fuse to the rear section. By carefully opening up the servo lead hole I was able to make all the connections for both elevator halves and rudder without any extensions. The right stab was added and the connectors all tied in. I then carefully pulled the cable forward to take up any loose wire.Photo: Dave's Acuracy build.... The S.Bus cable was drawn forward and attached to the terminal block. Dental floss was used to tie in both the cable and the feed from the RX.Photo: Dave's Acuracy build.... I added the bottom wing next.Photo: Dave's Acuracy build.... Random shot of the setup. You can see the Y Harness for the ailerons is now plugged into the terminal block as well.Photo: Dave's Acuracy build.... Another angle... very straight forward and clean.Photo: Dave's Acuracy build.... Battery tray goes in next but I needed to dry fit the battery location and subsequently the strap locations. This is CG dependent :-)Photo: Dave's Acuracy build.... Top wing added and easily connected to the terminal block. Pin the cabanes first then tighten the top two screws down.Photo: Dave's Acuracy build.... The tray is now installed along with the battery and straps.Photo: Dave's Acuracy build.... Add the canopy and it's time to weigh the plane.Photo: Dave's Acuracy build.... 4931 grams.. This is a nice weight as it allows for a three blade prop should that be used.Photo: May 27th, 2015 - First flights of the year! So nice to get out!Photo: Chad's Plett/Contra combo gets installedPhoto: Chad's Plett/Contra comboPhoto: Chad's Plett/Contra combo -Install mountsPhoto: Chad's Plett/Contra comboPhoto: Chad's Plett/Contra combo - InstallPhoto: Chad's Plett/Contra combo - No right thrust required on this setup.Photo: Chad's Plett/Contra comboPhoto: Battery tray installed. Notice the more rearward location due to the contra weight.Photo: ESC installed- very clean!Photo: Oxai Acuracy with Plettenberg Dinatron/Brenner Contra ready to go!Photo: Ground run.Photo: Maiden flight day!Photo: Love the location at VRCMS Victoria, BC CanadaPhoto: Photo: Trying the three blade Falcon... like it!Photo: Michi after his maiden flight..... usual smile!Photo: Acuri ?? :-)Photo: Very happy!Photo: Photo: Michi checks alignment.Photo: Michi readies for another trim flight.Photo: Hartley, Michi, Chad, Will & Dave.... Just missing fellow team member Ethan Chariandy.Photo: Our friend and fellow flyer Peter Nieuwenhuizen pulls the winning ticket out of the barrel.Photo: And the winner is... Stan Anderson whom just so happened to be at the contest competing! Congratulations to Stan and all those that bought a ticket in support of the team.Photo: Chad took this stunning shot in Calgary, AlbertaPhoto: Close up of the Contra installation.Photo: Chad, Michi and Dave's planes at the PITC event this summer.Photo: Another angle.Photo: Photo: Dave Blaby caught my plane after it hit a gust of wind on landing. Managed to save it with but got my heart going :-)Photo: Our team shirts.Photo: Michi with helper KeikoPhoto: Both Michi and Dave's Acuracy airframes at the Richland Contest. Fantastic field!Photo: Dave with his Acuracy. Practice never ends.Photo: Dave with his back up airframe for SwitzerlandPhoto: Keiko Akimoto has the plane box stuffed full... herself included :-)Photo: Michi trial fits his Oxai Acuracy into his shipping box.Photo: Boxes put together by Stan Anderson! A big Thank You!Photo: Strapping everything in!Photo: Rudder servo disconnected to reduce the possibility of shock damage to the servo.Photo: Galactik gets the cover treatment.Photo: Stab tubes stay in on the left half.Photo: Packing up the planePhoto: Ready to closePhoto: Screwing down the lid... see you in Switzerland.Photo: Baggage collection on arrival in Zurich.Photo: Ethan has his planes!Photo: Well not the biggest room but we are seasoned "cruisers" so we can make it work!Photo: Unpacking.Photo: Photo: Breakfast down at the Ibis.Photo: Solder Master Chad at work. We had some packs sent over by Thunder Power so just needed the 4mm bullets attached.Photo: Our arrival at Reichenburg RC field. Our first team practice session.Photo: Acuracy line up at ReichenbergPhoto: Great views!Photo: Lunch at the field... a regular occurrence.Photo: PlanesPhoto: Michi & Ethan.Photo: Pano from the flight line.Photo: Team Canada 2015 on site.Photo: Chad chats with Nick Schadler. Nick is running Flight Line 2 at the event. He stopped by sporting Chad's old team shirt from 1970 :-)Photo: Chad preps for another practice flight with will helping.Photo: Hartley and Kelly watch the action and the great views!Photo: Ethan's Acuracy. Nice flying plane!Photo: It's 33 degree C and we are all melting. Trying to find shade as we critique the flights.Photo: Team Australia arrives en mass and we spend some quality time getting to meet them all and watch them fly. Looking solid!Photo: GlennO checks out the angle checker thingy .Photo: Bill's OS belt drive in his Acuracy Bipe.Photo: Team Hungary watches the action.Photo: Snacks in the shade! it's smoking hot!Photo: One of Team Hungary's Sensation Bipes.Photo: Back up.Photo: BJ Craft EpisodePhoto: Ethan flies while judge #1 and #2 observe.Photo: Dave's backup Galactik gets measured and weighed during processing.Photo: Kelly checks the scale.Photo: Lots of display models at site #1Photo: Lunch after processing. Derek joined us with Rosemary giving us the details of the judging seminar... well not a lot of details:-)Photo: Dave preps for his official practice flights.Photo: Pre-official practicePhoto: Planes ready to go practice.Photo: Lots of judges for Official Practice.Photo: Michi does his thing with Will calling.Photo: Our only opportunity for all our team members to get a group shot after official practice. Hartley & Pat had to go to a Managers meeting so they had left :-(Photo: Team Canada F3A 2015Photo: Kelly and I take one last picture for history.Photo: Team shot at Reichenberg.Photo: Photo: Opening ceremony.Photo: Ethan and Colin.Photo: Jason readies for his practice flight.Photo: Kelly gets the front seat.Photo: The new Galactica. Same fuse with different airfoil shapes all around.Photo: Lots of different designs.Photo: Suzuki's ZebecPhoto: Chad readies for his first P-15 Flight.Photo: Photo: Chad after the flight. Getting hounded for pictures :-)Photo: Brett Wickizer's AllurePhoto: Brett's Alferma with retracts!Photo: Mr. Oxai himself with a good customer!Photo: Oh look it's pooring out... must be Dave's turn to fly.Photo: TX cover ready for action!!Photo: Getting ready for Dave's P-15 first round. It didn't go well when the rudder servo crapped out :-( Arghh!Photo: Day 2 - Team members gather for our second P-15 flight.Photo: Jason and Kevin check out Chad's assembly technique.Photo: Everyone gathers around the scoring display to see the scores & ranking.Photo: Kieko enjoys some ice cream!Photo: OS Belt drive in Mr. Suzuki's ZebecPhoto: ZebecPhoto: Ethan puts in a practice round with dad Colin calling.Photo: Oxai Hera'sPhoto: Ethan and Colin ready for another P-15 flight.Photo: Mr Akiba's Fantasista. note the huge ailerons and flaperons. The T can moved as well.Photo: Practicing at HinwilPhoto: Kevin aton and his Citrin Bipe.Photo: Dave's planes ready for the final P-15 round.Photo: It's all over. Time to pack up the planes!Photo: One last group shot after Ethan's final P-15 flight.Photo: Scale heli demo.Photo: Amazing detail by these modelers.Photo: SR-71 and F-104 put on a great flying show.Photo: F-104Photo: Amazing quality!Photo: F-104Photo: HawkPhoto: Team Japan at HinwilPhoto: Mr Akiba prepares for a flight while Tetsuo Onda practices behind.Photo: Dinner at the Italian place next door to the Ibis Hotel. Thye got a lot of business! Team Canada and Team USA.Photo: AllurePhoto: Oxai Hera SPhoto: Oxai Galaktica'sPhoto: Wing form of teh Gilactika.Photo: Another angle.Photo: Oxai CitrinPhoto: Standard GalactikPhoto: Team USA out to watch Jason fly his round of F-15.Photo: Dave with Wolfgang Matt. It was after his last competition F-15 schedule. He is retiring from World's competition now.Photo: Wolfgang and Chad.Photo: Wolfgang take the bib off for the last time.Photo: Team Lichtenstein.Photo: Jason gets his McDonalds fix after his first F-15 round.Photo: Chad preps for his first F-15 round.Photo: F-15 Round 1about to go.Photo: Team Japan after they flew the last F-15 rounds at site #1.Photo: Andrew Jesky and Darrin check out a motor drive combo.Photo: Semifinals are over and the US teamof Kevin, Andre and Mark prep to fly the unknowns with the stick plane.Photo: Finals day drew a big crowd of onlookers/judges :-)Photo: This Russian RC version of the Space Shuttle gets ready to do a flight and glide back to earth. Very good display!Photo: Rains hit hard during the Final day.Photo: Close up of the SR-71.Photo: The boys check out Jason's back up plane.Photo: Agnes, Kelly and Hartley between rounds/rain showers.Photo: More Galktica'sPhoto: Individual winners where announced. CPLR, Onda and Kieser.Photo: Photo: Photo: Jason poses.Photo: Andrew and Jason discuss strategy!Photo: CLPR and his entourage!Photo: Joseph lifts the Junior Trophy! Congratulations!Photo: Yang and CPLR.Photo: Joseph with the trophyPhoto: Banquet.