53 Photos - Dec 8, 2012
Photo: The mascot for the Redmond Association of Spokenword (RASP) is known as Raspy. Here's Raspy Christmas!Photo: Sugarplum Raspy.Photo: Raspy Hanukkah.Photo: Caroling Raspy.Photo: The REAL Caroling Raspy.Photo: RASPutin or Raspy-utin? Thanks to Allison for making all these Raspy decorations!Photo: RASP had great decorations and even a holiday tree for its annual party.Photo: Allison, Dawn-Marie, and Vonny.Photo: Decorating the tree.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: How many self-portraits is this?Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Laura Lee all decked out for the holidays.Photo: Help yourself!Photo: Wendelle's button. I want one!Photo: Photo: The RASP holiday crowd begins to gather.Photo: Photo: RASP president Michael Heavener welcomes everyone to get us started.Photo: Time for food at the potluck table.Photo: The food starts disappearing.Photo: Rebecca made these delectable strawberry santas.Photo: Could you resist?Photo: Photo: Eat up!Photo: We had about 25 Rasputians in attendance for our 2012 holiday party.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Now it was time for our poem exchange. We each brought a poem (mostly by famous poets), drew numbers, and then took turns reading the poems from the stack on the table. Vonny started us off. If your number was next, you could read a new poem or take one you liked ("yoink" it) from a previous reader.Photo: Vonny reading to the RASP audience in our "Read or Yoink" poetry game. Thanks to Michael (standing at the back) for organizing this activity.Photo: Allison regaling the RASP crowd.Photo: Laura Lee's turn.Photo: Michael's turn.Photo: Another Michael's turn, reading Shel Silverstein's "The Smoke-Off" (yeah, not all poems were what you would call in the holiday season).Photo: Photo: Photo: Jason takes a turn.Photo: Photo: Rebecca reads a parody version of "The Twelve Days of Christmas." As you can see, she's on the third day.Photo: More of "The Twelve Days of Christmas."Photo: What began as a reading of "Thomas and Sarah's Twelve Days of Christmas" soon turned into a merry group singalong.Photo: Mary reads the "little tree" Christmas poem by E. E. Cummings.Photo: John's turn reading a poem. Hurray!Photo: After we read all the poems it was time to take down our decorations.Photo: Michael didn't even have anything to drink. Really.Photo: Happy holidays to Rasputians everywhere! Hope to see you at our next reading—and our next holiday party.