41 Photos - Jul 17, 2011
Photo: Framed By Abed -

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http://society6.com/CliffRoth/Framed-by-Abed_PrintPhoto: Cost to commission something similar $400Photo: Mr. and Mrs. Lira
cost to commission something similar: $600Photo: Noam ChomskyPhoto: Tim Jones
Cost to commission something similar: $400Photo: private commission

Cost to commission something similar: $600Photo: Rodney Pike
Cost to commission something similar: $400Photo: Terry McMahon
Cost to commission something similar: $500Photo: Terry McMahon
Cost to commission something similar: $600Photo: Morgan FreemanPhoto: Weird Al YankovicPhoto: Desmond TutuPhoto: Elvis DuranPhoto: Gary SinisePhoto: Howard SternPhoto: James FrancoPhoto: Johnny KnoxvillePhoto: Kurt Vonnegut Jr.Photo: Finished!Photo: Looking forward to being on http://www.komu.com/streaming-newscast in a little over an hour....Photo: Here is Brandon husband to +Michele Spry!Photo: Here is a painting I just finished for +Daria Musk of Katiene who she is sponsoring via http://www.savethechildren.org/site/c.8rKLIXMGIpI4E/b.6115947/k.8D6E/Official_Site.htmPhoto: I was originally going to surprise him with this when I finally get +Robert Scoble into a Speedpaint Hangout, but I know he has been in a funk lately so perhaps some art can help cheer him up.Photo: Here is one I completed recently of +Michele Spry:Photo: Here is a caricature a client ordered as a gift last year.Photo: A recently completed client piece:Photo: Here is my latest fully rendered digital caricature, +Philip Walls!

If you would like one done just head on over to www.plustastic.com and order today!Photo: Hot off the press, I just finished this painting of +Tarah Gaa!Photo: I did this one for +Nathan Weinberg back in December. I haven't heard from him since (and he already paid for another piece as well that we were supposed to talk about after the holidays). It seems like he has dropped off the face of the virtual world (nothing on Twiiter, FB or here since the first week in January).

Anyone know what happened to him? I have been kind of worried.Photo: Private Commission

Cost to commission something similar: $600Photo: Here is my latest finished piece, Albert Einstein which was commissioned by +Genius+!Photo: At long last I have completed my +Marc Jansen piece.  I am in the process of editing the final segment of my tutorial on how I went about making this piece. I hope to have that done some time in the near future. Photo: Private Commission

Cost to commission something similar: $400Photo: This is my latest finished piece. It is a long time in the making. I started it last summer and wanted to have it finished by the anniversary of my friend Jason 'Big Country' Brownell's death last summer. That obviously didn't happen, I next wanted to have it done by his birthday in October but I ended up attending NYCC and was too busy prepping for that. Next came the Christmas rush of commissions (always a good problem to have). Anyway I finally had the time to finish it up.

A bit about the image.
He is was an avid Gwar fan so I depicted him in the shirt he wore to the last she he accompanied me to.

His nickname for his fiance was Squirrel hence I depicted her as such (the body is based off a squirrel I found via Google Image search)

The jeep was his pride and joy, I took one of his pics he had on his FB profile and stole the jeep out of it and exaggerated it and gave it a paint over.

The background is a picture I took that fit the perspective of the vehicle.

He loved watching YouTube videos and I have 3 of his favorites referenced here. Any guesses as to which they are?

It still pains me that i will never get to hear his laugh for see his smile again. He was a boisterous character to say the least. I am eternally grateful to have known him.

I would say Rest in Peace but he wouldn't be being himself if he was.....Photo: Here is a quick Natalie Dormer for this morning:Photo: Brian Sherrill of www.activemelody.com

Cost to commission something similar: $400Photo: Here is my latest commissioned piece of which I shared a teaser the other day.

Cost to commission something similar: $600Photo: Mobster Mike
Cost to commission something similar: $400Photo: Emily BluntPhoto: Private commission.
$400 to commission something similar.Photo: Jan Anderson