26 Photos - Sep 5, 2011
Photo: Asters on the shorelinePhoto: The south rim of the Blue Lake caldera; the shoreline vegetation is fed by springs that seep through the lava from the wet meadow in Corbett State Park.Photo: Pearly Everlasting, one of our most common late-season wildflowersPhoto: Bog Orchid, blooming later than usual on the well-shaded southern shore of the lake.Photo: Bog OrchidPhoto: The springs of the south shorePhoto: Ferns growing in the cool, shaded rocks at the south shore of Blue LakePhoto: Red Columbine, also blooming later than usual along the lakeshorePhoto: Penstemon, another late bloomer for this yearPhoto: PenstemonPhoto: River otter scat, filled with the shells of crawfish and other crustaceans living in Blue LakePhoto: Moss and lichen in the shaded rocks at the south shorePhoto: Columbine, looking northward across the lakePhoto: ColumbinePhoto: The southwestern rim of the Blue Lake caldera, with the springs along the shorelinePhoto: The near-vertical southern wall of the calderaPhoto: Crystal-clear waters and a steep bottom make for awesome colors in Blue LakePhoto: South shore of Blue Lake, springs in the backgroundPhoto: Ferns in the shaded rocks of the south shorePhoto: Floating garden of native vegetation along the western shore of Blue LakePhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: