29 Photos - May 28, 2011
Photo: The elegant Fawn LilyPhoto: Wake Robin TrilliumPhoto: The often overlooked and tiny blossoms of the Vine MaplePhoto: Salmonberry blossoms mean a fruitful summerPhoto: Wood SorrelPhoto: Up close with Foxglove, exotic but still gorgeousPhoto: The tiny world of rainforest mossPhoto: Mushroom and violetPhoto: Hooded Bone LichenPhoto: The stunning and very sexy Calypso OrchidPhoto: TwinflowerPhoto: Small chunk of wood displaying a beetle galleryPhoto: The oxymoronic Yellow VioletPhoto: Pink Flowering CurrantPhoto: Tiny little blue bell-like flowersPhoto: More Yellow VioletsPhoto: Giant mound of Formica antsPhoto: Beaded Bone LichenPhoto: Saucer Lichen buttonsPhoto: An inside glimpse at the rainforestPhoto: Coral LichenPhoto: Tiny beetles exploring a trillium flowerPhoto: Inky Mushroom and Bird's Nest FungusPhoto: False Morel (don't eat this one!)Photo: Tiny, subtle, and hidden in the forestPhoto: Jelly Fungus, or Witch's ButterPhoto: Majestic South FallsPhoto: TrilliumPhoto: Trillium after it has been pollinated