51 Photos - Oct 24, 2010
Photo: View of Idaho's Seven Devils from the Wallowa hills, with Hells Canyon in between (but not visible here)Photo: The snowy Wallowa hills looking approx. southeasterly into the Wallowa MoutnainsPhoto: Birding the back roads of the Wallowa hillsPhoto: Pioneer legacy, with Chief Joseph Mountain in the backgroundPhoto: The front range of the Wallowa MountainsPhoto: Sunrise in the Wallowa ValleyPhoto: Wallowa Lake, looking south into the Eagle Cap WildernessPhoto: The rolling grasslands of the Wallowa hillsPhoto: Birders enjoying a sunny winter day in the Wallowa hillsPhoto: Sunset over the Wallowa ValleyPhoto: Another spectacular sunrise approaches the Wallowa ValleyPhoto: Remains of an old farmstead in the Wallowa hillsPhoto: Giant ponderosa pines at Wallowa Lake State ParkPhoto: A small group from one of the large flocks of 100s of wintering Borehian WaxwingsPhoto: Bohemian Waxwings in abundancePhoto: Some Bohemian Waxwing flocks may include over 400 birdsPhoto: Photo:           Photo:           Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Likely gathering grit from the roadway, these Snow Buntings parked right in front of our vehiclePhoto:           Photo: Snow Bunting in flightPhoto: One of the swirling flocks of Wallowa Valley Snow BuntingsPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: American Tree Sparrow in a gully among the Wallowa hills, photo by Kris FalcoPhoto: Photo: Handsome little Snow BuntingPhoto: Photo: Photo: No matter how cold or snowy it is, everyone's day brightens up when we find a swirling mass of Snow BuntingsPhoto: Snow Buntings resting on a fence in the Wallow ValleyPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo:           Photo: Snow shower over Wallowa Lake.Photo: The Wallowa hills and mountainsPhoto: Photo: The icy Wallowa RiverPhoto: Photo: One major highlight of our winter Wallowa Valley tour is the flocks of Bohemian Waxwing that frequent the valley floorPhoto: Photo: Another stately Bohemian WaxwingPhoto: Adult Northern Shrike in the Wallowa ValleyPhoto: Varied Thrush, Multnomah Falls, Columbia River GorgePhoto: Varied Thrush, Multnomah Falls, Columbia River Gorge