16 Photos - Aug 3, 2012
Photo: First XO Stick prototypePhoto: Paper mockup of XO Stick Mk 2 (notice the purpose of the little notch on the lower left corner)Photo: XOrduino Mk I and a prototype XO Turtle BotPhoto: A stack of XOrduino Mk I PCBsPhoto: XO Stick Mk I kitsPhoto: Fully-assembled XOrduino Mk IPhoto: XO Stick v7 (A1.5)Photo: XO Stick v7, XOrduino v6, and XO 1.75Photo: Got a small number of "A1.5" (not quite B1) boards back from BatchPCBPhoto: “Hello, World" demo set up on top of old-school Turtle Graphics book.  The new XOrduino boards have a servo output port, which waves a paper cutout of my hand.Photo: Oscilloscope settings.Photo: Signal from the motor speed sensor.  5ms/div .5v/div.  Motor is running at full speed, unloaded.  Two dips are seen: the larger is from a piece of white paper glued to the rim of the gear; the smaller is from a spot made with a white paint marker (the paint didn't stick very well).Photo: Motor Speed Sensor test setupPhoto: Photo: Hand-wound inductor! This fixes a problem w/ L3 on the A1.5 boards; obviously needs to be replaced w/ a smaller commercially available inductor for the next build!Photo: Happy step-up power supply on the XOrduino.  Top trace is voltage at coil terminal; bottom trace is ripple on 5V output.