90 Photos - Mar 10, 2015
Photo: Beautiful LesliePhoto: I carried a copy of this photo in Vietnam. The wet washed away almost everythingPhoto: Photo: In AustinPhoto: In the kitchen on Oram about 1969. This was a very hip streetPhoto: We were living on LaVista in Old East DallasPhoto: VermontPhoto: Santa Fe - magical daysPhoto: Near Kathmandu. All the travelers to Nepal got skinny back thenPhoto: LSK on the bus in Burma in 2006 and LSK waiting on a bus in Nepal about 1978.Photo: Hong Kong, 1978Photo: In Burma. Jeep to MaymyoPhoto: On Kho SamuiPhoto: Mandalay with Paul and VeraPhoto: Photo: In the Ritz Hotel in Hong Kong. Not so ritzy, but seriously good times. About 1980Photo: With Jeff when he was part of Krishna ConsciousnessPhoto: Oh myPhoto: Are you readyPhoto: Xena, the Warrior Princess!!!Photo: When we first started working with refugeesPhoto: In our gardenPhoto: Photo: Waiting on a bus outside of Khao-I-Dang Refugee Camp on the Thai-Cambodian borderPhoto: Leslie in her natural habitatPhoto: With GrandmotherPhoto: Sometimes refugee work is a joy!Photo: Leslie taking care of businessPhoto: With Lay RithPhoto: Photo: Sang Van and LesliePhoto: At Yuon'sPhoto: Beautiful Leslie, beautiful DavidPhoto: Happy familyPhoto: One of 3-4 photos of Leslie that capture her spirit. Shelter from the storm.Photo: Leslie and her DadPhoto: Pretty girlPhoto: Skeptical Leslie. She's not buying it - at all.Photo: In our tiny dim-sum joint in Oakland.Photo: At AngkorPhoto: Adoring LesliePhoto: Photo: HuePhoto: Leslie returns to the scene of the crime in the Chungking Mansions. There wasn't really a crime; it's just a place where we stayed.Photo: Photo: Having breakfast on a corner in SaigonPhoto: Hue marketPhoto: Happy days in HuePhoto: More happy days in Hue. A wonderful tripPhoto: Friends of David's we traveled with in Hanoi and Halong BayPhoto: Making it happenPhoto: Photo: Watch out!Photo: Happy in The CastroPhoto: At Good Luck Dim Sum in new Chinatown (Richmond)Photo: StuckPhoto: Photo: Christmas 2011Photo: Somewhere in San FranciscoPhoto: In Shakespeare Garden in Golden Gate ParkPhoto: Saigon flower showPhoto: Photo: Unbelievable. Leslie at the back stairs of the Chungking MansionsPhoto: On the train Hanoi to Lao Cai to catch bus to Sapa. Leslie is on her bunk and the woman next to her just sat down on LK's bunk. This is what Leslie looks like when she really has no idea of what to doPhoto: Sharing an iPod on the trainPhoto: At Butt Fast Foods in the Chungking MansionsPhoto: Leslie met this woman at Waka's Sweets (actually a curry shop) and they ran into one another laterPhoto: Leslie and BarbaraPhoto: LK and DK, spring 2014Photo: We're in Panama. Henna from Telegraph Ave in BerkeleyPhoto: Photo: On Abrams RdPhoto: At Haight Street Fair June 2014Photo: At ceremony for Feather, murderedPhoto: Resting on a sex club's stepsPhoto: Our apartment, August 2014Photo: Photo: At Eureka in front of part of the AIDS QuiltPhoto: The dress she was to wear at David's wedding. Happy Leslie 11/23/14Photo: At Grace Cathedral, 12/21/14Photo: Photo: Somewhere in SF 6/2014Photo: In our apartment 12/25/14Photo: Feeling goodPhoto: Photo: Leslie and David. This is the photo that captures how she felt in those last months. Loved.Photo: Leslie about 8 hours before she passed awayPhoto: Photo: Photo: