73 Photos - Feb 18, 2012
Photo: Breakfast on Cathay PacificPhoto: Breakfast in our room (Dragon Hostel) in Hong Kong: Steamed pork, steam shrimp dumplings, fried meat dumplingsPhoto: Where I got dim sum to take back to the room most morningsPhoto: Where we got sandwiches a long time ago (1978)Photo: Random food stand in Mong KokPhoto: Breakfast in room: Shrimp dumplings, sui mai, fried curry rollsPhoto: Gave it a passPhoto: Outside our guesthousePhoto: In Fa Yuen Market near the Dragon HostelPhoto: Fa Yuen MarketPhoto: Shrimp wonton noodle soup with vegetable and oyster saucePhoto: The chestnuts roasting on an open fire cart that we've been seeing >30 yearsPhoto: Curry, samosas, naan in hall of Chungking MansionsPhoto: Curry, etc. @ Chungking MansionsPhoto: HANOI! This is the banh cuon ladyPhoto: Banh cuon and nemPhoto: Bread for salePhoto: bun cha (grilled pork patties, pork served in fish sauce + nem and vegetablesPhoto: Bun ChaPhoto: Food alleyPhoto: Different types of garlicPhoto: Portable crab cafePhoto: Dried fish, and lots of itPhoto: Good thingsPhoto: Banana pancake with yogurt and coffee at Nina's (we're in Hue now)Photo: I made coffee every morningPhoto: Market in HuePhoto: Nem nuong (grilled pork on a stick with rice paper and weird good sauce)Photo: Nem nuongPhoto: Banh cuon woman at Binh Thanh Market in Saigon. She came around counter to hug and pet on LesliePhoto: (We're in Saigon now) Binh Thanh - where the action is!Photo: Egg sandwich - basic street foodPhoto: Pork chop breakfast placePhoto: Pork chop and egg on ricePhoto: Pork chop and egg on ricePhoto: Bun thit nuong and grilled sausage at Ben Thanh Market in SaigonPhoto: Look at them Mangosteens!Photo: Bun bo Hue at Binh Thanh + little steamed goodies in background + good sauces (chillies in vinegar, smashed chillies, chillie oil, lime)Photo: Oc - snailsPhoto: Jeudi in her new kitchenPhoto: Curry in Phnom PenhPhoto: Food market on family outing near Phnom PenhPhoto: Some of the food that Jeudi fixed (Phnom Penh)Photo: Pho in Phnom PenhPhoto: Roti in Chiang MaiPhoto: Food area at Walking Market, Sunday evening in Chiang MaiPhoto: This was a brilliant meal. Plate on left has chicken, chinese sausage, rice with egg and a ground chilli paste + other sauces. Plate on right has tom yum and curry with rice.Photo: Curry place in BangkokPhoto: Fried bananasPhoto: I've carried Tabasco since I was in Vietnam in 1966-67Photo: PigsPhoto: Curry, chicken with cashews, satay, rice; larb, vegetable, rice; saucesPhoto: The Mother of All Food Courts: Siam Paragon in BangkokPhoto: Food on the streetPhoto: Curry, pad se eu, fish cakesPhoto: Som Tom (papaya salad)Photo: Mango with sweet sticky rice and coconut milk AND ice creamPhoto: Panang curry, moo satay, and khao soi behindPhoto: Northern Thailand samplerPhoto: Nam pla prik - fish sauce with chilliesPhoto: Khao soiPhoto: Rice with to anything for 30 baht (US $1)Photo: At khao soi place in Chiang MaiPhoto: Mango and sticky rice place in Chiang MaiPhoto: Khao soi placePhoto: Chicken with ginger, Chinese sausage, something else with rice; pad se euPhoto: Pad se eu, shrimp, green curry at Big C in BangkokPhoto: Entrance to a lane in Chinatown (Bangkok) - the ladies cooking it upPhoto: Mango on sweet rice with coconut milk and some mangosteen - this is the greatest!
We were buying mangoes and sticky rice separately at Big C. 
All I could eat!Photo: Excellent masaman curry and rice, larb, jackfruit ... and look at that mango!Photo: Mangorama!Photo: Pad Thai cart on soi in BangkokPhoto: Pad se eu, fried shrimp, green curry at Big C.