28 Photos - Oct 10, 2015
Photo: No picnics!Photo: Hiking among the roots and rocks.Photo: Big stone steps on the trailPhoto: Pretty forestPhoto: Lonesome LakePhoto: The trail gets muckyPhoto: Big rocks along the trailPhoto: Ladders make travel a bit easier and more interesting as we near the top.Photo: At the edge of that rock? A huge drop to nowhere. No guard rails, no warning signs. Love it.Photo: The tiny trees close in on the trail.Photo: That's an old sign.Photo: View of the next ridge over.Photo: Tram!Photo: Top of the ski runPhoto: Looking back at the highwayPhoto: I used to know these mountains well...Photo: Blue blazes mark the trail across the broken granite.Photo: Jake descends into the treesPhoto: Loving life!Photo: Another view of the ridgePhoto: Cannon mountain #photospherePhoto: Wet slabPhoto: Good old-fashioned New England hiking trails.Photo: View from the meadowPhoto: Colorful flowers, finally.Photo: Wanna go see an old man?Photo: Boardwalk near the lakePhoto: A pretty level trail brings us back to the car on a nice loop.