26 Photos - Jul 20, 2015
Photo: Grosvenor Arch from afarPhoto: Grosvenor Arch, with Aaron for scalePhoto: Chili dogs by the campfire!Photo: ParchedPhoto: Rock pillar at Kodachrome BasinPhoto: Couples selfiePhoto: Panorama PointPhoto: Barrel cactusPhoto: Rock spires jut out throughout the park.Photo: Pretty flowering shrubs with spiky leavesPhoto: PhloxPhoto: Cool cavePhoto: Cryptobiotic soil, made by lichens and cyanobacteria, provides a nutrient-rich base for the park's vegetation.Photo: PrimrosePhoto: Sage and rockPhoto: Hardened mud flowPhoto: Chicken rockPhoto: Claret cup cactus brightens up the desert floor.Photo: "Indian Cave." No explanatory sign, but it looks like hardened handprints in ephemeral mud.Photo: Look, it could have been my hands!Photo: Lineup of spiresPhoto: Desert wildflowersPhoto: Rock chimneyPhoto: Park sampler: cryptobiotic crust, juniper trees, chimneys, and colorful rock layers.Photo: Mormon teaPhoto: Leaving Chimney Rock, the most perfect puffy clouds I've ever seen