52 Photos - Jun 11, 2015
Photo: The weather looked a little dire when we arrived. Clouds and snow flurries.Photo: Natural bridge.Photo: The skies begin to clear.Photo: Panoramic view from Bryce PointPhoto: Gothic cathedralPhoto: Twisted pine trees hang on to the cliff edge.Photo: Pretty yellow flowersPhoto: Trail to the Hat ShopPhoto: Aaron enjoys a nice afternoon on the trail.Photo: Hat ShopPhoto: Overview of the Hat ShopPhoto: Looking towards the Hat Shop from way up the trail.Photo: Rock labyrinth on the Figure 8 LoopPhoto: Thor's Hammer stands above the other hoodoos in Bryce Canyon.Photo: Steep switchbacks reminiscent of Walter's Wiggles.Photo: Panoramic view from inside Bryce Canyon.Photo: Tunneling through the canyon walls.Photo: Oregon Grape blossoms inside the canyon.Photo: Anyone want a frozen mudslide?Photo: As the rock erodes, this tree is forced to expose its long roots.Photo: Wall of WindowsPhoto: One of the stops on the "Hike the Hoodoos" challenge. Great idea to encourage exploration in the park.Photo: Alien antennae on the Figure 8 LoopPhoto: Snow lingers in pockets throughout the canyonPhoto: Too heavy to move off the trail?Photo: Incredible twisted treePhoto: Aaron slinks through a narrow passageway on the trail.Photo: The trail winds through desperate pine trees, spindly hoodoos and crumbling rock walls.Photo: We woke up to a light snow blanket at our camp.Photo: Inspiration Point, the classic view of Bryce Canyon.Photo: Bryce is considerably higher in elevation than Zion, giving it a very different feel.Photo: View of Fairyland Canyon.Photo: Fight for life on the edge.Photo: This is the side of Bryce that you don't see on the postcards: green, vibrant canyon floor communities.Photo: ManzanitaPhoto: First #photosphere of the hike. I thought it couldn't get any prettier than this.Photo: Just a typical view on the Fairyland Loop.Photo: Enjoying the precious little shade.Photo: Puffy clouds filter sunlight down onto the hills and hoodoos.Photo: Boat Mesa.Photo: Purple flowers brighten the trail.Photo: Had to take another #photosphere since it was just so darn beautiful out here.Photo: Tower Bridge.Photo: Deep hues of orange turn to rusty white.Photo: It's not easy being a tree.Photo: China Wall.Photo: View from the rim trail.Photo: Hole in the rock.Photo: Pine, clouds and rock.Photo: We hiked the hoodoos!Photo: I dub this rock, Hippo Rock. What would you call it?Photo: Pronghorn.